Top 10 Immediate Signs You Might Be a Douche

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1 You treat members of the opposite sex like slaves
2 You constantly hate on other TopTenners for "stat padding" when they're really just doing what the site was designed for in the first place
3 You still care about Hillary vs Trump
4 You take immense pride in having a skill/proficiency that requires almost no actual talent to have
5 You're a black person that purposefully acts like an annoyingly racist caricature of black people to get attention from others
6 You immediately assume that every person with autism is automatically going to be something along the lines of Chris Chan or the original SammyClassicSonicFan

So not true. I'm autistic and I'm nothing like those people, thank goodness.

I'm not a d***** either.

7 You condescendingly and arrogantly sneer at other people when talking to them

I am one, darn it!

8 You use "fa**ot" and the N word in almost every single online FPS multiplayer match you play
9 You judge things based solely around their fanbases
10 You're a guy that wears skinny jeans

I'm a woman and I find this very sexist. NOT all guys with skinny jeans are a douche bag. Some are nice!

Haha yes.

You just called my boy Biersack a douche!?
(there's no way to describe what I feel except for:) *jumps of cliff*

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? You use politics to condemn others
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11 You wear baseball caps sideways and/or backwards


I am again...

Excuse me? ~ AlphaQ

12 Violence and hyper-realistic graphics are the two most important components of what makes a good video game for you
13 You sexually identify as Filthy Frank

Lmao, I haven't laughed at a list this much

14 You're a member of the Encyclopedia Dramatica staff
15 You're a white dude posing as a black one

Unless we're talking about Eminem,
in which case it's still pretty debatable

16 You talk like the script to a Zero Punctuation video

Yep that's me

17 Your name is Chad

Ah, come on. I'm pretty sure not every Chad is a certain teenage blonde treacherous jock...

Not sure what this means, guessing it's a Nickelback joke.

I feel sorry for the country

18 You unironically eat Doritos, drink Mountain Dew and wear sunglasses when playing online multiplayer games

Ok, I 100% am then...

19 You brag about being smarter than others

I met this stupid girl in high school. In my English class, she would constantly correct me on saying certain words from a stupid packet if I messed up. I wanted to slap her so hard, and I'm NOT glad I put up with it... -.-

Oh, so kind of like half of the people on this site and a bunch of academic students at my school.

20 You are a long-haired drug addict

Ach, come on now, why would you have to expose my inner secrets?! What have you done?!

Nagito Komaeda and Hagakure from Danganronpa, anyone?

21 You "grew up" in the modern-day American suburbs
22 You're a Trump-voting, gun-toting redneck

Haha, I can't vote so suck that!

23 You're both gay and homophobic at the same time

Actually if you are like this you need therapy.

(cough) Mr. Garrison from South Park (cough)

24 You still care about Justin Bieber

The Bieber hating websites.
You're a douche if you hate Justin Bieber.

25 You are a jock with a letterman jacket
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