Top Ten Most Impacting Historical Events

These events have had a great effect on what we are today.

The Top Ten

1 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

This was a HUGELY. Important event and will echo down through history for centuries to come. But is it really the MOST important. The agricultural revolution gave birth to civilization. Without it we wouldn't have grain backed foods, dairy. Most fruits, vegetables and meets, Cities, governments, economies, transportation, education, pets, or pretty much anything, let alone the twin towers or (thankfully) the terrorists that destroyed them.

2 Black Death

It killed over a hundred million people and eventually ended the feudal, Medieval lifestyle - ethanmeinster

Why is 9/11 number 1? - TeamRocket747

Lots of people died - fatally.

This killed more then 9/11.

3 Hiroshima and Nagasaki Bombings

Changed how wars are fought, makes threat level rise exceedingly. - ethanmeinster

Quite possibly put an end to nuclear war. - PetSounds

4 Protestant Reformation

It divided Christendom and reduced the power of Vatican City, which once ruled basically everything. - ethanmeinster

5 Death of Jesus Christ

Religion is just a bunch of fairy tales and fables. Take this off the list now. In case you missed it: this list is about history not fiction.

Death AND Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.

Christianity spread to all corners of the globe, has 2.2 billion followers, and has impacted history on a gigantic scale. - ethanmeinster

no doubt

6 Apollo 11

If even everything else we know today is forgotten in the future, this one single moment will never die in human history. - Stalin

First time a man has walked on the Moon. It shows how far our species has come. We're not just global, we're intergalactic. - ethanmeinster

In 10,000 years, this will be literally the only thing from our time that is remembered.

By far mankind's greatest technological accomplishment.

7 Conquest of the Americas

Columbus was the greatest mass murderer in history until Hitler and Stalin and how do we remember him, with a yearly parade and a huge memorial in Barcelona square. Learn your history people.

Whole civilizations destroyed, countries completely transformed. - ethanmeinster

The USA probably wouldn't be here, history would have gone a lot diffrently - hasder123

8 Scientific Revolution

With thinkers such as Galileo and Newton, modern science wouldn't be the same. - ethanmeinster

9 Fall of the Roman Empire
10 The Battle of Britain

Also known to the Germans as the failure of Operation Sea Lion

The Contenders

11 The Holocaust

The largest cultural genocide the world has ever seen. Speaks for itself

Why isn't this in the first place?

Ya this has made a huge impect

So sad

12 The Battle of Stalingrad
13 Columbian Exchange
14 The Battle of Midway
15 Treaty of Versailles

Caused world war 2, cold war, dissolution of USSR, etc. - TeamRocket747

16 Rise of the Roman Empire
17 Muslim Conquests

At its peak they created an empire the size of the Russian Federation, and anything from a humble village to an entire civilization either converted or was razed to the ground.

Expansion and conquest ran from the mid 600's to the early 1800's.

18 Martin Luther King Jr's March
19 Burning the Library at Alexandria

The loss of most of the books on earth at the time set science, engineering, and general knowledge back by hundreds of years.

The conquering Muslim leaders did not want the populace to know too much.

If this hadn't happened we would have sent humans into space by the 1500s.

One of the greatest tragedies in history. - goddangwatir

20 Battle of Hastings

Slightly different weather on that September day back in 1066, and all of Europe would now look distinctly different.

Who knows what England would be like if the Anglo-Saxons won. - ethanmeinster

21 Partitions of Poland

Not poland, poland-lithuania - namesnipe

Gave rise to Prussian militarism, Russian imperialism. Indirectly led to WW1, WW2 and the Holocaust.

22 Cuban Missile Crisis

At the height of the crisis on 27 October 1962 a Soviet B59 submarine
Lost contact with Moscow, and the senior officers assumed nuclear war had broken out. Both the Captain and the Political Officer authorised the launch of nuclear weapons against targets in the U.S. But a unanimous decision of 3 officers was required for the launch, and Arkhipov, the second-in-command, refused to agree until the sub surfaced and tried to contact Moscow first.

The world today would be unrecognizable to us had this least senior of 3 officers on a Soviet sub been successfully pressured by the other two into agreeing to launch its missiles.

23 Bangladesh Liberation War 1971

90,000 Pakistani troops surrendered to Indo/Bangla army, thus leading to the formation of Bangladesh. - polarbear

24 1054 East-West Schism

Changed the whole political landscape of Eastern Europe. Many people in Greece, Russia, and other East European countries are majority Orthodox to this day. - ethanmeinster

25 Rise of ISIS

Also knows as Islamic Stare of Iraq and Syria

Stupid ISIS]

26 Battle of Thermopylae

It wasn't quite only 300 Spartans against 1 million Persians like you see in the movies, but the unprecedented ferocity of the defenders saved democracy and western civilization for future generations.

27 The Big Bang

Apparently this did not happen after all.

On the one hand, it's the most important thing that ever happened.
On the other hand, it was long before humans or any life even existed, so probably does not fit the parameters of this list.

28 Cultural Revolution of China

Roughly 1966-1976, and with over 65 million civilians killed by government forces, may have exceeded WW2's total death toll, and even somewhat approached that of the Black Death.

Mao Zedong is definitely history's biggest mass-murderer.

29 Yucatan Meteor Impact

If it didn't happen, mammals wouldn't be dominant. - ethanmeinster

30 Nanking Massacre
31 Council of Trent
32 Muhammad's Vision in the Cave
33 Imperial Maratha Conquests
34 Russian Revolution of 1917

Caused the cold war - TeamRocket747

35 Hitler's Rise to Power
36 Fall of the Byzantine Empire
37 French Revolution 1789

The French Revolution had a major impact on Europe and the New World, bringing liberalism and the end of many feudal or traditional laws and practices.

38 Rise of the Achaemenid Empire
39 The Battle of Talas River
40 American Civil War
41 Dissolution of Austria-Hungary
42 Toba Volcano Eruption

Nearly destroyed the human race

43 Death of Adolf Hitler

Seriously sad.

44 Russian Revolution
45 Dissolution of the Soviet Union
46 Dissolution of Yugoslavia
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