Top 10 Most Important Albums in Punk Music History

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21 Group Sex - Circle Jerks

Important to a extent but not as important as other albums.

Solid all the way through. Keith kicking some more ass!


22 Damned Damned Damned - The Damned

The First of the Line.. and still rocking

New Rose, Neat Neat Neat says it all

23 Zen Arcade - Hüsker Dü Zen Arcade - Hüsker Dü

An astonishing record sonically, especially at the time.

24 Damaged - Black Flag
25 Inflammable Material - Stiff Little Fingers

The first album I ever bought! And still one of the best punk-bands ever!

This is the one

One of the albums I still listen to reguarly

SLF - without doubt one of the best bands out there

26 The Clash - The Clash
27 (Gi) - Germs

Their only album, loud, raw, in your face and is very hard to believe it was in the late 70s. Darby Crash was punk!

Leaderless, Lordless, Loud

28 How to Clean Everything - Propagandhi

Snotty, political, and sometimes quite funny. My favorite albumn on the list, even though Bad Religion is my favorite band.

29 No Control - Bad Religion

Hearing this album never gets old. Just as fresh as it was in '89.

One of the albums that changed my life!

One of the best of Bad Religion!

30 Punk in Drublic - Nofx

Quite catchy and fast. Manage to make the songs really different. Kind of timeless and still confuses people that have never heard people drum that fast.

One of the best album from the best punk band today

31 Double Nickels on the Dime - Minutemen

This CD (yes kids... Compact Disc) never leaves my car

32 Raw Power - Iggy & the Stooges

Essential to everything that came after. Put the rage back in garage.

This is the real father of punk.

I don't understand why this isn't no. 1 to be honest. It still rocks harder than any subsequent bands.

33 Marquee Moon - Television

This album isn't really the sound we associate with punk today, and that is the thing that I absolutely love about it. So many kids in bands these days have a very strict understanding of what punk is weather its hardcore or pop-punk. Television is evidence that punk can be diverse and dare is say complicated.

I like for top 20

34 The Offspring - Offspring

Obviously important to early Offspring fans who had heard of them way before they even became famous with "Smash".

The Offspring sounded somewhat different in '89, but their self-titled debut album is actually great.

If you wanna talk about the real Offspring, it's this album!

Great opening track: "Jennifer Lost The War"

35 The Record - Fear

Best punk record ever! So many great songs and no misses

36 Out of Step - Minor Threat
37 Los Angeles - X

As the self acclaimed last American band I think X deserve their place on this list

I don’t see how X isn’t considered in the top 10. One of the most influential bands of the LA punk scene with longevity that counts.

38 Minor Threat - Minor Threat
39 Punks Not Dead - The Exploited
40 Don't Turn Away - Face to Face
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