Most Important Baseball Stats


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1 On Base Plus Slugging Percentage (OPS)

Your on-base percentage added to your slugging percentage. - SwagFlicks

The King of Stats - 5ToolPlayers

2 Batting Average

My last list. I had a big speech in the description, but it's gone.

Number of hits divided by at-bats. - SwagFlicks

3 Earned Run Average

Number of runs divided by 9 innings. - SwagFlicks

4 Strikeouts
5 Walks and Hits per Innings Pitched
6 Runs Batted In

Why are RBIs valued more than Runs? They're of exactly equal value. Can't get more of one without more of the other. Somebody scores, somebody knocked them in. Right? - 5ToolPlayers

7 Wins Above Replacement
8 Runs

Runs are exactly as important as RBIs. You can devalue them both, or you can value them both. I simply don't understand why people who talk about RBIs often disregard Runs scored. If anything, it seems Runs might be slightly more esteemed than RBIs. Someone explain to me if I'm missing something. - 5ToolPlayers

9 Errors
10 Innings Pitched

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11 Home Runs
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