Most Important Electronic Albums of All Time


The Top Ten

1 For Lack of a Better Name - Deadmau5

This album beats it all. One of the best albums of the whole generation, this is. Random Album Title beats this too in fact.

2 Homework - Daft Punk

This Albums Started It All. It's The Most Important Electronic Album Of All Time. Every Synth In Every Track Of This Album Is Important And Pretty Much Influenced Every Single Electronic Track That Came After It And That Brings Me To For Lack Of A Better Name. It's Not Important At All And It Barley Influenced Anything. People Please Vote Homework To #1..

Started it all? Not even close.

Only 1 song makes this album truly a masterpiece...around the world around the world around the world...

Great album! May not be the best in the whole electronica genre, but very important. This album got house as well as EDM popular. It was also very influential. Its probibly my favorite Daft Punk album as well. - Slipperyjack40

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3 18 - Moby
4 Random Album Title - Deadmau5
5 The Inevitable End - Röyksopp
6 Play - Moby

This is one of the the greatest of all time! I'm surprised that it isn't in the top 3.

7 4x4=12 - Deadmau5
8 Welcome Reality - Nero

Such a Great experience to my mind when I listen to this album!

9 Discovery - Daft Punk

Discovery is currently at 8. What a joke.

10 Autobahn - Kraftwerk

If it weren't for THIS...the rest of this list would probably never have existed! Respect due!

The only one that matters, the rest are just pretenders if the category is "importance".

The Contenders

11 Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - Aphex Twin
12 Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Definitely Daft Punk's best album and songs wonder it won 5 GRAMMY'S

Every song is amazing! no wonder it got 5 grammys

13 Disco Zone - O-Zone

Most of you would think that this shouldn't be here but I put it here anyway because it just sounds so joyful. - 12cc

14 True - Avicii
15 Collected - Massive Attack
16 Dubnobasswithmyheadman - Underworld
17 Computer World - Kraftwork
18 Maximum Entropy - Man Without Country
19 Kid A - Radiohead
20 Push the Button - The Chemical Brothers
21 Silver Apples - Silver Apples

Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" was still more important, as this earlier masterpiece received virtually no recognition.

One of the first rock albums to incorporate heavy electronic elements into their music, predating the Kosmische musik movement of the 1970s, and as such, became pretty influential when it came to experimental electronic music and underground dance music.

22 Ok Computer - Radiohead

This album needs to be higher. Why! The way it is played to perform electronic music plus its sound is like none other. Except for In Rainbows which took it to a whole new level, but that album is more rock-ish.

23 Trans-Europe Express - Kraftwerk
24 Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü - Jack Ü

This album is not important. Like, at all.

25 Low - David Bowie
26 The Second Annual Report - Throbbing Gristle

The first Industrial album.

This album made industrial music!

27 The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails
28 Untrue - Burial
29 Empires - VNV Nation
30 Pretty Hate Machine - Nine Inch Nails
31 Suicide - Suicide
32 United We Are
33 In Sides - Orbital
34 Enter - Cybotron
35 Destroyed - Moby
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