Most Important Elements of a Good Script


The Top Ten

1 Good Characters

Good characters should have an interesting backstory/origin story with a realistic personality.

2 Good Scenery

None of the blinding, disgusting, or horrible scenery. It takes the audience’s attention away from the story.

3 Conflict

Wouldn’t it be boring to have a story without some conflict? If everything was normal and was all good every time, you’d get bored of it

4 Can Be Put Into a Plot Chart

This is a good one, always need a good plot which requires being able to be put in a plot chart

5 Dialogue

Dialogue that is funny, reasonable, clever, and understandable would make the story better.

6 Imagery

Use appropriate imagery, no desktop backgrounds or lazy animation. There is one show I know that has used a desktop background (I’m looking at you Powerpuff Girls Reboot).

7 Originality

Like not the same manufactured superhero genre or similaristic violent animal movies like anaconda or Jurassic Park. Something really original. - Kiteretsunu

Don’t re-use stories from other shows, movies, even video games! It gets annoying, repetitive, and boring. You’ll basically know what’s going to happen, so why bother copying another story?

8 Appropriate Length for the Story

Something that really drives me crazy in a book or a movie is when the plot is stretched over thirty-six chapters or two hours, where it could have been done in half that. A pet peeve of mine is pointless interludes. - PositronWildhawk

Don’t over-extend moments/scenes and keep it at a small time. Your audience will be uninterested if it goes on for too long and if you make a moment longer than it needs to be.

9 Nuances

Don’t make everyone look the same or have the same movements/expressions. It’s lazy, confusing, and uninteresting

10 A Climax

The climax is one of the most important things in a story. No climax, no surprise. That’s all there is to it.

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