Most Important Events of the 2000s


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21 Dick Cheney Shoots Friend

I have no idea what this is about I wanna learn more about this


oh no

That's mean

22 Johnny Cash Dies

My parents love him! I wish he was alive.

So sad, miss that guy. Met him once

dam son

23 2009 Iran Protests
24 Water Is Found On the Moon

That's really cool I didn't know that

Wow! I did not know that?!?!?! (Shocked)

Woah. There could be life in the moon? - TeamRocket747

Wow its cool and interesting
9 year old

25 Africa's Population Reaches 1 Billion

1 billion infected with ebola - jwg_2002

26 Plane Lands In Hudson River

Another plane crash... wow.. 2000s suck.. - TeamRocket747

27 Outbreak of Ebola (2014-2015)

Major issue.

28 Death of Bin Laden

Bin laden meets the navy seals.

This stupid freak Musilm deserved it. - TeamRocket747


29 Glee Premiere (2009)

The only important event

30 Tool Released Lateralus



31 Lebron Wins a Ring

His 20th wedding ring - jwg_2002

32 Boston Marathon Bombing

2013 is NOT in the 2000's. we're in a new decade now people, and half way through it.


33 Lakers win their 15th championship
34 Celtics Win Their 17th Championship V 1 Comment
35 Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Its A big moment in history for all of those who have lost their children or siblings. Lets pray for all

It was a sad moment in life that we will all remember

This didn't happen in the 2000's. It happened in 2013.

I live in CT, and it affected us deeply. I’m only 13, but my school armed up on everything. Security, fire alarms, we had police walking around the school 24/7, we were fenced in during recess, and needed to know and be watched at all times when going to the bathroom. The nation came together and prayed for the children. It breaks my heart knowing that they won’t ever be able to experience marriage, Love life, enjoying vacations, traveling, going to college, even graduating. I hate that man with a passion. This should be like #5 on the list. It was tragic and horrific. Got bless the little angels😭"🙏🙏

36 New Movie 3 Stooges Released On Big Screen

Its actually a big thing for the movie makers

Not such a big thing!

37 Pope John Paul II Dies
38 DC Comics Starts New 52
39 Eminem Releases the Marshall Mathers LP

One of his less liked eps

40 Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton V 1 Comment
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