Top 10 Most Important Events

The Top Ten Most Important Events

1 World War II
2 The Renaissance
3 The American Revolution
4 The Birth of Jesus Christ
5 The Industrial Revolution
6 The Reformation
7 The Medical Revolution
8 The French Revolution
9 September 11 Attacks

This should be #1. - ChroniclerMan5

10 World War I

The Contenders

11 Discovery of Antibiotics
12 The Holocaust
13 Humans Walk on the Moon

1969, when we officially became a space-faring species.

14 The Birth of Modern Israel
15 The Death and Resurrection Of Christ

As important and Holy as His Birth Was (which already mentioned on this list), it is His Death and Resurrection which Conquered sin & death for us all. - clusium

16 Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope
17 Gutenberg Invents the Printing Press
18 James Cook Discovered Australia
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