Most Important Football (Soccer) Positions

The Top Ten

1 Striker (ST)
2 Center Midfield (CM)
3 Goalkeeper (GK)

Definitely. I am a goalkeeper, but if you didn't have that goalkeeper, you would be done for. goals would be instant. Although strikers score the goals, but goalkeepers are keeping you from losing. Like, you'd rather have a goalkeeper and no striker, keeping it a draw, at least. But if you had no goalkeeper and a striker, goals would be coming in like fire and not many goals because they have a goalie. I think I've convinced you enough.

4 Center Back (CB)
5 Center Defending Midfield (CDM)
6 Center Attacking Midfield (CAM)
7 Left and Right Wing (LW & RW)
8 Left and Right Midfield (LM & RM)
9 Left and Right Back (LB & RB)
10 Sweeper (SW)

The Contenders

11 Center Front (CF)
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