Top Ten Most Important Holidays In the US

There all important, but which holiday is the most important? Find out on this Top Tens list.

The Top Ten

1 Christmas

The day of Jesus's birthday is probably not just the most important holiday for the USA it is also the best in all of the world. Kids go crazy about the presents. So many cool Santa and Winter songs go on at this holiday. This holiday is proven to be the best holiday ever!

Christmas is definitely the important holiday ever to exist.

I think Easter is more important but Christmas is a close second.

2 Easter

Bunnies, eggs and more awesome stuff about Easter which is number 3 on the list. Just think about the cool things about Easter.

3 Thanksgiving

You appreciate and are thankful for everything in your life

Pilgrims, Indians, fall fest, and more history you can study about. It may not be as important about Christmas, but its still more important than all the other holidays.

4 Independence Day

The fireworks light up the sky when you outside at night on Independance day. I truly think if you are a American You are a American you must celebrate this day.

5 Veterans Day

Veterans day is a day to thank your American Veterans. So if you have a grandfather or anybody else who was a Veteran thank them on this day.

6 Columbus Day

Columbus day is the worst holiday that should not be a holiday. Columbus was nothing but a murderer. It is sick that people like this holiday. These people are like. Woohoo let’s celabrate the murder of millions of Native Americans. Everybody celebrate. We should just rename it Native American Genocide Day. Thank god many states renamed It Indigenous People Day or something like that

Christopher Columbus sailed the seven seas. But he discovered our land. So we thank him on this day so next Columbus day remember this is a huge holiday.

He may have done some horrible things to the natives but he did discover the americas!

7 Labor Day

Another day to celebrate our freedom and American soldiers. They have done great work those soldiers. Labour day is a very big holiday if you think about it.

8 Valentines Day

Love me if you can because its Valentines day. Write a love letter or send some chocolate. Be nice on this day. If you're a kid give your parent a hug and if you're a parent give your child a hug on Valentines day. Where love was created.

9 Indigenous Peoples' Day
10 Mother's Day

Mother's day is important because it's a good day to celebarate all the incredible things she does.
How is St Patrick's day higher?

The Contenders

11 St. Patrick's Day

St. Patricks day is in March and it is an ancient Irish holiday. It has leprechauns gold and rainbows. The holiday may not be too important but its got history.

12 President's Day

It is very important because it's the presidents birth. George Washington is the president. He was the 1st

13 Hanukkah

This is number 1 I'm a jew I don't belive in jesus.suck it christmas hanukkah has mericals and stuff.You damn chirstmas bragers.Go hanukkah!

14 Patriots' Day

We will never forget 9/11

15 Memorial Day

We remember the soldiers

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