Top Ten Most Important Items In Minecraft

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1 Crafting Table

you need it craft stuff so you can at least get somewhere in the game

Its absolutely the most important thing. Without it. I can't even imagine what would happen. Make sure you always carry this with you everywhere. You never know when you need it during mining

We always need you Crafting Table!

Its mincraft so craft a crafting table

2 Water

Many Minecrafters think water and oceans/rivers are an obstacle and are useless. I think water isn't useless. it is pretty useful when you want to get down Ravines safely and water bucket can be useful for trapping mobs


3 Diamonds

Diamonds are very useful for armor and tools. You should always try to mine them.

Diamonds are very important to most pro players since they can kill dangerous mobs with Diamond tools

Hot, plus they are superior to any other material

The best, strongest material you can get

4 Compass

To find your way home! Cool, but I don't know if my house is North, South, East, or West. It is useful, I don't know my ways though...

5 Pickaxes

Pickaxes are pretty important because you use them every Minecraft day for mining

for mining stuffs


6 Torches

These are important for the night and to prevent mobs from attacking your house/base

Light and puts away mobs

7 Food

Needing food is obviously true,i don't know why no one voted for food,without food you can't sprint and you can't heal without food

if you don't eat, you recover health slower

Or else you starve

Do not starve food

8 Chests

What if your inventory is full and you want something else? Keep it in a chest

Great for keeping endless dirt and cobblestone that you find and useful for important items too

9 Villages

Most newbies will mine it all up. Most pros will trade with villagers. Anything can happen in the village. Its pretty useful to find them anyway

raid stoppedi - INFINITYKILLER

10 Wood Planks

to build basically everything you need in the beggining

Almost every Minecrafter makes their house out of wood planks at some point of their life especially newbies

The Contenders

11 Weapons

In case of mobs

Cause what if pilagers raid your base

12 Brewing Stand

Do you ever want to make potions

13 Bed

If you don't have a bed, you will get killed by phantoms, because you weren't sleeping.

You can sleep

Respawn point+ skip to day = good

Re span poit set

14 Wood

wood=wooden pick=stone=stone pick=iron=iron pick=diamond=diamond pick=obsidian, redstone, and emerald - INFINITYKILLER

Now you might be wondering why I put wood out of the top ten. Yes. Wood is really really important for making stuff which is so true which is why it is important. But then again the fact that Wood is so common that it can get annoying by filling up your chests

15 Apple


It can breed horses and horses help you transport to other places faster and without losing energy

much true

16 Iron

It's what you use when your'e not a newbie but you aren't a pro yet

17 Totem of Undying

Come on! It saves your life. You want your life.. Right?


dot di

18 Sticks

Sticks make weapons. Sticks are very useful if your tools break and you can make them again.

19 Cobblestone

Cobblestone is better than dirt that means it should be one the top 1

2nd most accessible block!

20 Elytra

Fasted and most efficient way to travel


21 Furnaces

Do not eat raw food

What About A Furnace You Can't Eat Uncooked Things Forever!

Needed for cooking delicious food.

22 Golden Apple

Health and other buffs

Gives you health.



23 Dirt

To get diamond you need a pickaxe. To get a pickaxe you need sticks. To get sticks you need wood to get wood you need a tree. To plant a tree you need a place to plant it... dirt!

Come on give this a chance! - Danguy10


24 TNT

To run away from mobs e.g. if a mob is on lava place TNT and run almost close before the mob on fire is on if it does run as fast as you can.Then the mob will
travel to death

25 Banana

Lol they are cool lol


Y not

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