Top Ten Important Jobs

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The Top Ten

1 Doctors

They help people to be healthy - LordOmar

2 Engineers

They build all that around us - LordOmar

3 Farmer

Farmers are the most important job. They provide us food, which we need to live. Without them, society would nearly starve into nonexistence.

He work hard for all us to be fruits and vegetables - LordOmar

4 Scientists Scientists

They discover what we learn at school - LordOmar

5 Teachers

He learn students who will be a good thing at future - LordOmar

6 Judges

They help us with justice - LordOmar

No they don't most of the time there racist and sexiest and there also dum but sometimes there right - Jada

7 Policeman

A country without police is chaos. They are more important than doctors.

He make country form inter problem - LordOmar

8 Janitor
9 Nurse

They help doctor help sick people - LordOmar

10 Worker

He work hard for make the thing that we use daily - LordOmar

The Contenders

11 Soldier

He protect us from attack from enemies - LordOmar

12 Pastor

None better than those who spread God's Word.

13 Midwife

They help the women give birth take care of baby's health and make sure the women is ok during birthing tells the women to push and still checks up on them before they even give birth there a really good help for women every where and they help the baby to they also take care of the baby. - Jada

14 Chef
15 Youtuber
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1. Doctors
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1. Teachers
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3. Doctors


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