Top Ten Most Important Lost Characters

The Top Ten

1 John Locke

John is the smartest and was right about the rescue and the hatch. He's a genius.

2 Benjamin Linus

Benjamin Linus did not even join the series until half way through the third season (didn't even start out with the name 'Benjamin Linus'), & yet, he managed to steal the show right from under the feet of all the other cast members!

Ben 4 ever

3 Desmond Hume
4 Jack Sheppard
5 James "Sawyer" Ford
6 Jacob
7 Kate Austen Katherine Anne "Kate" Austen is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost, played by Canadian actress Evangeline Lilly.
8 Richard Alpert
9 Daniel Faraday
10 Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
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