Top Ten Most Important Occupations During the COVID-19 Outbreak

With many many people being in quarantine and such, it's hard to tell what kinds of people HAVE to be outside. Basically you should know which occupations, professions, and jobs are not only trying to keep people safe and healthy, but also which ones are the most important, and this list covers them.
The Top Ten
1 Electrician

Why is electrician the #1? Simple, because A LOT OF PEOPLE DEPEND ON TECHNOLOGY. If the power were to go out, it is their responsibility to ensure that it stays on again. And this ties in to other important occupations that would be on this list as well. Because guess what those occupations will likely depend on electricity to work. Doctors in particular have been using many computers for their medical work and they obviously need the power to stay up, which is why the Electrician is the single most important job.

DOCTORS AND NURSES are by far the most important occupations during the COVID-19 pandemic. THEY TREAT AND SAVE LIVES, not electricians.

2 Public Works Maintenance

Since many people are gonna be staying at home, they're reliant on not just electricity, but all their basic needs, notably water and heating. Maintenance workers in public works such as water and heating are just as important as the electricians.

3 Doctor

Well, obviously. They risk their lives to ensure the infected stay healthy and learn exactly all the issue with Covid-19. They are the most at risk when you think about it, but they try to treat others to make sure that quarantined patients can survive and recover.

I would say the doctors are the most important, but electricians are a close second.

4 Delivery Driver

With all the people panic buying, one thing can be said in hindsight. How do the stores restock? They need stockers, but stockers also need truck drivers. IF THOSE TRUCK DRIVERS EVER STOPPED DELIVERING THE MUCH NEEDED GOODS IT REALLY WOULD MEAN THE END. It's that important. They risk high volumes of traffic going to their destinations and all.

5 Merchandise Stocker/Unloader

Usually these are the grocery store workers, but these guys are the other half keeping supermarkets alive, not necessarily the cashiers. The stockers work in tandem with the drivers who unload their supplies, and the stockers put them on the shelves. It's up to both of these to keep stores running.

6 Police Officer

In many ways this is a given, as we all know how irrational some people can be during a crisis. Things get out of hand, an officer should be dealing with them swiftly, but also safely.

7 Janitor

The often underpaid janitor/housekeeping duty almost never gets respect, but let's face it, without a janitor to keep a place clean, areas will likely either be avoided, or condemned altogether. The janitors out there deserve a lot of respect, as they WILL get dirty in order to keep things tidy.

8 Pharmacist

Well, there's not a lot of real medicine that can combat the coronavirus but the symptoms can be fought with the proper prescription medicine for them. And that's where the pharmacists come into play. They've always been reliable, even if their pharmacies tend to have their shelves emptied quickly just like grocery stores and their lines long.

9 Nurse

Normally a nurse is very often associated with a doctor occupation, but I speak of nurses at nursing homes, where the elderly reside. With many, many nursing homes under lockdown, plus doctors inside each one, the nurses all try their hardest to ensure that the elderly patients in the nursing homes are kept safe and friendly. For them, it's actually harder than being an actual doctor. They are just as exposed to illness as regular doctors are.

Obviously, doctors and nurses are by far the most important occupations during the Coronavirus pandemic. They're far more important than every other occupation.

10 Airport Security

An easy given. We all know they have it rough by ensuring shady individuals aren't doing terrorist activities overseas and what not, but with coronavirus spreading like crazy it's become even more blatant how important their occupation is. They know that airplanes will be congested, and will have to explain who can fly and who can't.

The Contenders
11 President

We need a good president to lead us out of this. Particulary one that is NOT an arrogant ignorant.

12 Auto Mechanic
13 Bus Driver

There are people who don't have cars and rely on public transportation to get to work, store, pharmacy, etc. I am thankful for the great service they have provided to us.

14 Grocery Bagger
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