Math is very good subject. Its not only in everything but it is very good for your logical thinking. A brain is like a muscle and Math helps it grow, great logical thinking, powerful brain (helps you a lot in other subjects such as physics) and more reasons! It also can be very fun. When your in primary school you get all these fun math games and cool stuff. Like I said before it is in everything no joke. You can go out of your house or look in your house for things with math. I mean if u can't find anything (practically impossible) here are some clues, look at the item does it have measurement or look at a different item. Can you see its width? I mean you learn math is in everything before high school. Math helps a lot of stuff including your brain and logical thinking. When you get to university (college) you study and study to get the job you want. It does not matter what job you get, a good one or a bad one. It's all about what made you get that job and how. Math is a great ...more

In my opinion mathematics and English are at the same level of importance. Everyone in society will at least require a basic understanding of both. However depending on the job your striving for, math or English may be more frequently used. To sum things up in my opinion Math and English should be both first place on the leader board.

Math is best subject because you don't need you memorize anything just you have you understand if you understand you success and in my class no one use to love math but I have crush on math so they game me a name Psycho but I never get irritate by this name but I always be happy that I am first in math and I also participate math competition in my country and I go 3rd position so always think math has good subject no as bad if your friends don't like so you should like math because through math you can get any type of job so Love Math

If there's no math classes in the world, People will be very stupid because everybody need to count everyday. - Chayawat

Math is the language of the world. We would have no scientific breakthroughs or technological feats without it. I love when people tell me, "You don't actually use math in the real world! ". I then respond, "You see that phone in your hand? That car you drive every day? You wouldn't have those without math. Everything you rely on today was created with math."

I was very surprised and satisfied about the list.
The leaders are the same as for me - Math, English, Physic and History. And the order is the same, so I vote for Math.
Math is a mother of science, people say. That's because it's not just about the numbers, it's about logical thinking, making right conclusion and proving stuff. It gives a boost of intellectual productivity and fasten exploring new things. It helps to develop an abstract thinking. So math, all the way. (Had 8 of them in a week back at school).

Really, what COULD you do without math? Math is all around us. Programming a bot? Check. Simply buying groceries? You'd better figure out if that glaring cashier needs the Andrew Jackson or Ben Franklin. Math does not simply revolve around numbers. Math teaches you vital skills like logical thinking and challenges you to push your limits.

I think math is the most important subject in the world and the second place goes to English.

Math is so important to school. If math wasn't invented how would we calculate. Lots of people use math everyday. Its definitely the most important subject. There are so many school subjects on this list that include math like algebra. So math is the most important subject ever.

That is correct. You can not get into a good university/collage without maths. Also you need at least an A to get into any university. No matter where you go, there will always be maths involved. If you don't know anything than maths then you have already failed in your life.

Most people say that maths is a boring waste of time but studies show that kids with this attitude become suicidal in their later life. Math is a key which opens the door of life, allowing us to fulfil our place and become successful people.

Math is defiantly the best subject because it is used in every day life. For instance when you buy something you need to know how much change you get back or you could get ripped off, and when you are measuring something it all has math in it. With out math the world wouldn't be the same.

Math should be first. I seriously hate people who say "The only time you're going to use algebra in life is if you become an algebra teacher." Seriously, let's give those idiots a week in the real world and see how they feel.

The only time you're going to use algebra in life is if you become an algebra teacher. Nah. I'm kidding. But a few math that we learn in school is useless, depending on your job and such, but Math is very Important overall, yes - CheesyNachos

Even if you don't use ever what u learn in maths, which is very unlikely, maths simulates your brain and makes you think in ways that make you smarter. This means that if you do any sort of intellectual thing, maths would have helped you.

Math is the most important subject because without it, we can't solve problems, do video games, and it also depends on the world. Even though it is also the most hardest and the most boring subject, it is still very important.

The maths is best because of future. suppose, aliens comes to earth they will never communicate in languages such as English and Hindi but they will definitely communicate in mathematical language or terms of maths. But I don't say that English and other languages are not of use they are the main source of talking and communicating with humans (only)

Math is the most important subject in the entire world because not only do you make a ton of money using math but you also need to use it in every job. Even A priest needs to know math

Everything around the world goes by science, we were created by science, if there was no science there would be no math, if there was no science... I can't say it...

It is undoubtedly the greatest and the most enjoyable subject during the school days. Also it is the most important subject for solving the problems in an individuals life.

Okay, I'm really good at math, I am in grade 5, and I know a lot of math facts, from square roots to quadratic equations, Math is a really awesome subject, I even helped many people who have trouble in math!

Who put history on the list? That's one of the least important subjects.

I am obsessed with numbers. associate everything in my life with numbers. To me, numbers all have colors, smells, and sounds. It makes the most boring subject on Earth so much more interesting. - RockFashionista

My favourite subject is English, but even I have to admit that maths is more important in life. Wherever we go, numbers are all around us, and we need to learn maths so we can understand how to deal with these numbers.

Math using jobs such as programming, game design, computer hardware engineer, software developer, are much easier to become than English using jobs, and the best part is that math using jobs mostly pays the most

Mathematics is the fundamental subject. Every single science uses mathematics at its core and other subjects such as Geography and History also use mathematics to work out grid references and dates etc.