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21 ICT

ICT is the most important subject as in today's world technology is on the peak and in everything technology is used and that is operated by computers... So that's why every person should know how to operate computers so it would be easy for them to operate any new technology gadget.

This should be at the top or slightly below maths. Sciences and humanities are pretty much useless in real life unless you have a job concerning them which pretty much no one does

Get rid of "computers" and put it under ICT so you don't split the vote of an important subject

Extremely important especially for the future and it's also very interesting

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22 French

Why is it not : top 10

It's certainly very very important.. At least for me it is.


23 Logic

Logic is an important subject. This is because it is important to learn how to reason logically and well; it is a very useful skill to have in life! You wont get "stepped on" if you know how to properly articulate yourself.

Where in the world is Logic considered a school subject? Anyway, it should though, because we always need it.

Do everything logically. For sure you will rise in the future.

Excellent subject

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24 Language

It's an important life tool and, honestly, if you learn to be fluent in a language, chances are you won't forget it after you graduate if you keep in practice. Learning a language opens the door to millions of other people and experiences, and can help you to understand the world around you. You can use the Internet to find out about nearly anything on the whim these days, but language is the one thing that you can't just Google. You need to fully understand it in order to make proper use of it, making it a VERY important school subject.

Whoever doesn't think that this is important is a complete idiot! Language makes you smarter and forces you to think out of the box. It fosters creativity and problem-solving, at the same time strengthening brainpower and logic and growing cells! Seriously! This should be higher dorks!

Language is 2nd place because if you go to other countries you need to know the language they speak and plus it's still English because they wouldn't know their language if they didn't know how to read.

Very good to know

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25 Sexual Education

Sex jokes... Why crack a few during class :3 because what teenager doesn't already know about sex though... ? -_-

When you grow older you'll NEED to know some of the stuff they teach including how to produce.

Yes! Should be top 10.

If teens aren't taught about things such as safe sex, consent, gender vs. sex, or STDs, then they could make a mistake and ruin their lives or someone else's life.

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26 Psychology

As social beings, we need to understand the interactions and long term effects within our world. We are all capable of genius work but our brains shut down without the proper training. Our generation lacks motivation. People think our answers are beyond physical potential. The issues are within ourselves. We are using up all our resources. Scientists already decided we can't change. Steven Hawking said our survival skills that once helped us are what are killing us now. I think we can evolve psychologically to get satisfaction from commitment. From restrictions which will allow humanity to endure. Edison said eventually we will all have to adapt a vegan diet. Anyways, we ignore all these issues. We want to fix the world but we can't fix our own person. Psychology and sociology are vital.

Psychology is so important, in the way of how humans communicate with one other, and learning how people would feel under certain situations. Psychology is also important because of it's applications to Anatomy and other scientific areas of study that are useful to understand in order to get a better outlook on the why and how humans act and think the way that they do.

Psychology is a very important subject that everyone should learn. Knowing how the brains and minds function is very important for social careers as well as government and scientific careers.


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27 Foreign Languages

It's incredibly more important than many people might think all other countries you will see kids wandering around speaking by the age of 7or 8 about 2 or 3 different languages

Did you know French and English are the most spoken languages on Earth? Both are spoken on all continents!

Needs to be much higher, very important subject

What if you go to another country?

28 Computers

What! Computers should be in the top 5! Lets face it... No one knows computer programming or how to operate a computer for real! Having this knowledge will push you ahead of people and get you a great career!

Computers are sooo useful

People actally do


29 Ethics

Need to have values to become a human

Um... Yeah! Duh! This should be higher people!

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30 Reading

Are you kidding me? This is the worst subject at school and it is too complex to get an A on this. It is important but the reading questions are way too hard and boring. I get bad grades on reading and even others in my class think it's too hard. I can get A's on other subjects which I do but reading, NEVER!

I think that reading is the most important subject! You can barely understand a thing if you don't know how to read!

Reading is the best subject ever! I love to read. Where would anyone ever get if they couldn't read. Words are everywhere, just think about it, Oh and by the way I always get Straight As in Reading P. Never once have I even got a B!


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31 Drama

Seriously what's not to love about drama? You build confidence, you lear to co-operate and collaborate in a team. You get to use you imagination all whilst being someone you would rather be. Plus it teaches you that it actually is alright to be yourself, even if that means singing the entire score to Les Miserables in public by yourself. (Not that I would EVER do that...*backs slowly and slightly awkwardly away into the darkness*)

Drama boosts confidence and has made me have blowjobs 10 times a say now

I think drama is important else what would you use to convince your parents to give 1000 bucks for the latest smartphone!

Its awesome

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32 Philosophy Philosophy

I'm honestly surprised that absolutely no one decided add in the subject that teaches you how to think. The closest thing I found in this entire list was logic, which is a major part of philosophy, but there is so much more. It teaches you to question morality, religion, science and art, as well as makes us question who we are and what it means to be human. Becoming interested in philosophy in high-school is what led me down the academic rabbit hole and now I care about learning diversely about everything in this fascinating world of ours.

Everyone need to learn it to think better

33 Food Tech

We need to know how to cook and understand what food we're putting in to our stomach's to enable a healthier life. Cooking yourself saves money and time.

Everyone should know how to cook. You use it everyday so it is important


34 Gym

Useless waste of educational time needs to be much lower

What if you want to be an athlete

You don't need to be fit


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35 Greek

The Greek language is a foundational language upon which almost all of the modern languages are based, therefore making Greek the most essential language to learn. Not only the language, but also the culture of Greeks, ancient and modern, extremely resemble the American, English, Canadian, and Greenlandish cultures, making the Greek culture another essential subject for study. These reasons and more make Greek language, culture, cuisine, wildlife, and culture the most important school subjects by far.

Not Important

36 Urdu

Epic language nice to learn

Not important

Yes I love this language now top 20


37 Accounting

So you can manage your income and expenses so you can be financially secure.

38 Cooking Class

What if you want to become a parent one day? Are you going to eat out all the time? Personally, I love home cooked meals--they're my favorite.

We will cook pizzas meatballs sub sandwiches and burgers.

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39 Life Skills

We need life skills or economics to know how to do stuff

I just commented why is it not showing

All the other subjects are very useful, but humans are the main species that are on the earth right now. Life skills is like psychology, except not that in-depth on the human mind. We learn how to manage daily situations, which is so crucial! :) Have a great day!

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40 Drivers Education

As a avid rider (of motorcycles) I believe that this is the most important class. There are a lot of idiots out there and we need to teach them some good rules of the road.

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