Top 10 Most Important Technologies

This list will be a fun debate of technologies throughout the ages that are either your favorite or most important. There will be many technologies ranging from fire to laser power! This list may not have everything you want on it add anything just make it good.

The Top Ten

1 Fire

Fire has to be THE most important invention ever. If you think about it. How would are ancestors have made it along if we didn't have fire. Fire was used to cook food. Even boiling food required fire. Also we used fire to take control of things we would scare animals and use it for warmth. And many of our inventions today would not have existed without fire, the steam engine, and iron working for example.

2 Writing

Writing we wouldn't be able to express ideas like I am right now how would I tell you for example, "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" I couldn't I could try but it wouldn't be the same with drawings. Now I could say it but then where would it go away in people's minds.

Without literature, we would all be driven mad. We would become, basically, idiots. Books greatly aid us in survival. - Alpha101

3 Language
4 The Wheel

The wheel is so important think of all the things we have accomplished with the wheel. Transportation- Cars, Chariots, planes. All of these would not exist without the wheel. And from an energy standpoint the wheel is how we generate electricity from hydropower and wind power.

Fire is not an invention. It's a natural phnomenon. The wheel was an idea that was put to use!

5 Steam Engine
6 Iron Working
7 Electricity
8 Math

Everything we do today is math the wheel, math, even fire is math. Great inventions without math would not exist. Take the roman arches for example They had to find what structure would give them the most support but how can they do that without math. THEY CAN'T

9 Gunpowder
10 Printing Press

The Contenders

11 Pottery
12 Sailing
13 Paper
14 Search Engine
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