Top Ten Important Things That Are Really Easy to Lose


The Top Ten

1 Wallet

At least phones ring or have other means of tracking. Losing a wallet means losing some very important and valuable things, yet it's so easy! - keycha1n

2 Pencil

I get at least 20 requests to borrow pencils everyday, and 19 times out of 20, I don't even have one for myself! It's one of those basic things no one ever has. - keycha1n

I lost my pencil case today - JaysTop10List

I seem to lose everything that's not tied to me so

3 Keys

When you leave your keys at home or in the car... - keycha1n

4 Respect

The very minute We Can't Stop came out, the little granules of respect I still had for Miley Cyrus went out the window. - keycha1n

5 Phone

It's sad, but in truth, my life revolves my phone. The very idea of losing it is already making me uneasy. - keycha1n

6 Stapler

It's one of those items I can never find when I need! - keycha1n

7 Trust

Debating whether or not I'm putting it in its deserved spot. It's certainly a fragile thing to tango with. - keycha1n

8 Pencil Sharpener

It's pointless to have a pencil when you can't sharpen it! - keycha1n

9 Money

Mostly because I know my parents work so hard! - keycha1n

10 Sleep

An incredulously important thing I never get enough of! I would put it higher, but the existence of caffeine bumped it down. - keycha1n

The Contenders

11 Earrings
12 Dignity
13 Rubber Bands
14 Elders

There old they die

15 Elders

There gonna die

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