Most Important Things In Life (Emotionally, Mentally)

This is a list of the most important things you need in life. The things listed affect your emotional and mental state, not physical (Basically means that things like food, water, air, etc. do not count).

The Top Ten

1 Love

Without love, there would be no reason to exist. Without love, we'd never have been created by God. Without love, we are nothing but empty shells. Happiness only comes from love, whether it be the love of a parent, a brother or sister, or of a husband or wife, this is what is most important in life.

Sharing love with anything gives off positive emotions, and improves you in life. It could be anywhere from music or a book, to a woman, but love clears off the negative things that take over your life.

Love brings happiness and all that is important in life.

One of the keys of happiness. - Minecraftcrazy530

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2 Friends

Friends are there for you when you need them, and you share so many exciting and fun experiences with them. They bring out the real you, and make it much more simple when you have a problem that must be taken care of.

Seneca : " Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for friendship and kindness "

3 Happiness

The main route to success in life is being happy. It makes you a better person, and you benefit so much in life when happy.

Really, what is more important? All the other things important just get you this

I can't find happiness and I hate love please help me!

4 Faith

You're wrong to say that faith can apply to things besides religion. Knowing that the sun will come up is basic knowledge and goes in the category of " believing in exact facts, faith in friends goes in the category of " trust " and " knowing " ( you know and have trust that they will help you ).

Faith can apply to things besides religion like faith that the sun will come up or faith in your friends that they will help etc.

Uh faith is just believing in something without evidence, even though there are things with way more proof...

Important if you want to believe in " made up by humans " theories but not important at all if you believe in exact science, proven facts and reality.

5 Laughter

One of my favorite emotions is laughter. It expresses the fun and happiness that's being released in whatever you are doing. It really brings a special connection with friends, and improves your mood.

6 Wisdom

Your wisdom takes you on a path of success. Money will be yours, and you will be an aid in many problems with wisdom, and with all of these comes happiness.

Wisdom is basically where you are going with everything else on this list. You need it bad. - PositronWildhawk

There us a diffwrence between being smart and having wisdom. For example, "your homework is look up differences about jim crow and the apartheid tthe smart thing is to think Bout doing it and the wise thing is to do it

7 Respect

Respect for all and everything is stupid. You choose love and friends ( you can't be friends with everybody and you don't love everybody ). It's the same with respect. You choose what or whom you want to respect. Not everybody in this world or everything in this world deserves respect. Respect is something you have to earn.

When you give respect, you receive respect. From then on, you will make many more friends and allies, and succeed in life.

This is just me but I Believe Respect is more important then Love! - Curti2594

8 Freedom

With freedom, we explore new sights and are open to a whole different world. We do not suffer from slavery or imprisonment, or captivity. Instead, we are released and are ready to discover!

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9 Knowledge

Way more important than "faith".

10 Music

Music helps you escape into your own magical world of all types of emotions. It brings new stories and adventures, and lessons are learned throughout all. Music makes you a joyful person, and soothes you when in stress.

The Contenders

11 Peace

It doesn't matter if it's peace in warfare or peace of sound, but peace generally makes life a better place.

12 God
13 Sex
14 Mistakes

We always benefit from mistakes. We learn from them, and we gain our wisdom from them. Without them, we wouldn't be as intelligent as we are today.

"I haven't failed; I've just found ten thousand ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison - PetSounds

15 Creativity

Ah hell to the God damn N O nononononono.

16 Family
17 Health
18 Dancing

When you are listening to your favorite music and dance on it, it gives the power to forget all your troubles, it makes you feel happy. Dancing is the natural anti-depressant.

19 Sadness

Sometimes, we need to be sad to be happy - DWisawesomethe3rd

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