Most Important Video Games of All Time

This Is The List Of Most Important Video Games Of All Time. From Revolutionizing The Industry To Saving It We Count Down The Most Important Video Games Of All Time. Vote Now!

The Top Ten

1 Pong

This Is The First Video Game Of All Time. Also The First Hit Video Game. - WeirdDude27

2 Super Mario Bros.

This Saved The Video Game Industry. - WeirdDude27

3 Computer Space

This Is The First Arcade Game Ever. - WeirdDude27

4 Magnavox Odyssey

The First Home Video Game Console. This Console Comes With Everything, So Still Technically A Game. - WeirdDude27

5 Block Buster

The First Handheld Game. - WeirdDude27

6 Snake

The First Mobile Game. - WeirdDude27

7 Adventure

The First Open-World Game. Also The First RPG. - WeirdDude27

8 Donkey Kong

The First Platformer. - WeirdDude27

9 Stratovox

The First Game With Speech. - WeirdDude27

10 Grand Theft Auto III

The Contenders

11 Battle Arena Toshinden

The First PlayStation Game - WeirdDude27

12 Pac Man

Namco's workhorse and mascot of the video game industry withstood the tests of time. This paved the way for success without the love of gamers who played Pac Man. It's one of the best games ever made.

13 The Saboteur
14 Alpha Waves
15 Subroc-3D
16 Halo: Combat Evolved
17 Space Wars
18 Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)
19 Final Fantasy
20 Grand Theft Auto
21 Heavyweight Champ
22 Street Fighter
23 Mortal Kombat
24 Metroid
25 Super Mario Kart
26 Crash Bandicoot
27 Kirby's Dream Land
28 Batman Arkham Asylum
29 Assassin's Creed
30 The Legend of Zelda
31 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
32 Batman: Dark Tomorrow
33 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
34 Taz
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