Impossible Rock/Metal Subgenres

I know Metal_Treasure did a list similar to this a little while ago. However, his list only did Metal Subgenres, but this one does both Rock, and Metal Subgenres. This is a list of Subgenres which if they were ever tried they would most likely crash, and burn plus never work out in any good way. Also feel free to add your own impossible Rock/Metal Subgenre if you want. Let's Begin.

The Top Ten

1 Child-Friendly Grunge
2 Liberal Southern Rock
3 Progressive Teen Pop Rock
4 Disco Metal

There's actually a video about disco metal on youtube... - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

5 Psychedelic Nu Metal
6 Doo-Wop Rock/Metal
7 Anti-Drug Stoner Rock
8 Mormon Death Metal
9 Soundcloud Rap Doom Metal
10 Death Power Rap Pop Rock

The Contenders

11 Progressive EDM Rock
12 Cloud Rock
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