Most Impossible Things to Do While Fishing


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1 Visit Another Place

Other than "time travel", I have done ALL of these while fishing!

Why do lists like these exist?

2 Drive a Car

Lol I can still imagine that - Ananya

Lolz imposable nice list - yolo2346

3 Run

Nope you'd scare the fish and your pals - Curti2594

4 Juggle

We just have to bring three fishing rods and hold one of them at the toe grip through one leg and fish, and use your hands to juggle the other two fishing rods, while standing on one leg. - Kiteretsunu

I don't think I know anybody that can juggle while fishing. Great list Funnyuser! - JandS3000

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5 Take a Bath

Don't dangle the hook in the wrong tub! - PositronWildhawk

6 Play a Game

Wouldn't you be playing the waiting game? - Britgirl

I meant like tag. - funnyuser

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7 Bake Something
8 Sex
9 Go swimming

You'll be the bait then.. - Ananya

10 Time Travel
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