Top Ten Impractical Jokers Catch Phrases / Words

The Top Ten

1 LARRY!! - Joe

IJ’s Class of Jokers: Larry, LARRY! Dunkun Ballz, Helena, Helena Bottom-Farter, Mother Coconuts, Dr. Tellenya I’Sheets, Tammy Shehole, Babe Aroo, Scoopski Potatoes,and Cranjis MacBasketballs. Looks like Chugchug Pickle and Shart Crackers are absent. #SalGetSexy

2 Hey Mustache - Q
3 Lets Get Sexy - Sal
4 I've got a fool proof idea - Murr
5 I will never forgive you! - Sal
6 Tis confusion - Q
7 Scoopski Potatoes! - Joe

I laughed so hard at this..Does anyone remember? - Ananya

8 The fat man flies at midnight - Q
9 What does that mean? - Guy encountering Q

Technically; this isn't a direct quote from a joker, but it's still a memorable line.

10 I want my mommy! - Murr
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