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1 Imagine Dragons Concert

Imagine that your in a concert don't have the talent and hundreds of people are booing at you that has got to be embarrassing if you were Sal and Joe and also...SHUT YOUR FACE GRANDMA!

Undoubtedly #1. The episode I use to introduce people to the show

I cry laughing every time I watch this.
Shut your face Grandma

I haven't seen this one; I'll have to search it up!

2 Tattoos

Joe makes the other guys get tattoos of his choosing. Sal is now left with a tat of Jaden smith on his thigh

This should be number 1 just for the fact that it is a PERMANENT punishment. Also, Sal's reaction. Priceless.

Come on. What could be a more satisfying punishment than witnessing Sal get a tattoo of jaden smith?!

Sal literally has a tattoo of Jaden Smith, and he will have it forever.

3 Sal's Bingo

Sal must falsely call bingo several times in a hall fall of angry players.

This was very stressful, and Sal had to withstand a crowd that looked like they were goint to riot!

The people that play bingo are cut-throat. Can't imagine how he felt

That was so funny! Poor Sal, did you see how mad they were at him?

4 Sal's Wedding Crash

Sal pretends to be a wedding guest and must read a toast the other guys have prepared for him

Most cringe worthy, laugh heavy one yet

This was so terrible! I loved it!

He should know!

5 Sal's Haunted Corn Maze

I don't understand why Sal hates cats so much.

Sal scared of a cat haha haha

This one had me on the floor

Sal is scared of a dressed up cat # 3rd favorite joker I just don’t understand

6 Strip High Five

Joe and Murr must get high fives. Easy right? Nope! Miss one? They have to take of an article of clothing until one of them ends up naked! Poor Murr is the one that gets naked!

This was disgusting compared to the other punishments

That was one of the best shoe EVER!

This was actually nailbitting. I was hoping Joe would win.

7 Q's Labor Pains

This is the best punishment ever on IJ. I've never laughed so hard in my life!

This was one of the best ever

I laughed until I cried.

I loved this one! One of Q's best punishments! lmao

8 Home Invasion

(Spoiler alert) I love how Q's cat is in Sal's bed and that Joe, Q, and Murr dance by the window nude. LMFAO!

It was really funny when they broke into Sal's house.

Sal's never gonna use that toothbrush ever again

LOL LOLOl LOLOLOLOL Don't sweat the small stuff?

9 Skydiving is for Losers

Murr must conquer his fear of heights by skydiving under the original impression that they were gonna teach skydiving leassons! And Murr ends up screaming like a little girl. Cruel, yet funny!

He literally told all of his family members goodbye while crying on a deleted scene.

Cruel as this was a genuine fear and not just a mocking punishment from friends

I'm scared of heights to. Give you credit Murr! Team Murr!

10 Haircut

For the first and only time, All four guys give each other gag haircuts! Joe gets extensions and ends up with a musllet. Q ends up looking like Orphan Annie. Sal became what looks like the inspiration for Miley Cyrus' haircut. While Murr ended up looking like those munchkins with only a tuft of his hair left!

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11 Murr's Artistic Vision

"Murr has to share his grand artistic vision to a room full of art enthusiasts... Hysterical."

Hilarious the best punishment

12 Q the Fashion Designer

Q poses as a fashion designer and must explain every piece of fashion to his audience which includes a Vampire guy, Kids in Burlap, His look-alike, a Coffin and who knows what else?

That last line, "If you don't dress nicely you might as well be dead." Made everyone forget the tradgedies before that.

13 Home Intruders Destroy Murr's Apartment

I like how Q,Joe, and Sal look like The Wiggles because of the colored shirts and hats. You know Greg, Anthony, Jeff, and Murray. The funny part was when Sal straightens the picture.

My favorite part is the smashing of the T.V..

14 Mom, Dad, the Birds and the Bees

Q must teach sex education to six graders... Not! The guys replace the students with Q's parents! Now, Q must explain sex to his parents!

15 Murr's Childhood Crush

That had to be so humiliating to be nearly naked in front of your celebrity crush

16 The Ventriloquist Dummy
17 Public Speaking on Anesthetic

Watching Murr do this food presentation while on novacain had me in tears it was so funny. My gut hurt so bad from laughing!

Crazy idea, makes me die laughing every time

Laughed til I was sick

18 Optimize Your Computer

This was the funniest one

19 Relationship Expert

Joe has to answer "yes" to relationship questions written by the other jokers.

Season 2 episode 12

20 Stranded On The High Seas
21 Captain Fat Belly Joe

Captain Fatbelly (AKA Joe Gatto) saves cats, and saves the people of Staten-Island from other New Yorkers and dangers from around the world! Then he tells them to "suck it".

When Joe says suck it I laugh so hard I cry laughing and I also fall to the ground

Just SUCK IT imagine dragons concert this is the best


22 Joe Magic

Best. Punishment. To. Date.

23 The Wedding of the Century
24 Down in the Dump
25 Polygraph

Murr takes a polygraph exam in front of his old High School class, and the entire faculty in his old High School!

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