Top 10 Most Impressive Designs by Leonardo Da Vinci

This list is for the designs that Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci conceptualized that were many years ahead of their time. While the vast majority of these never made it off the drawing board, it's still amazing to think that Da Vinci had already thought of these things, many of which were not finalized by anyone else until centuries later.

The Top Ten

1 Robotic Knight Robotic Knight

It's hard to imagine what the world would be like had this design been completed. This was at a time when robotics was not even an established idea, and it's incredible to think Leonardo may have been the first. - tgbhj

A true genius. - Metal_Treasure

2 Armored Tank Armored Tank

One of the first ever designs for an armored military vehicle. It had a complex wheel system, and would be armed with cannons on every side. - tgbhj

3 Flying Machine Flying Machine

This is the design most people have probably heard of before. It's truly impressive that Da Vinci laid out the first ideas behind human flight four centuries before the Wright Brothers first took flight. - tgbhj

4 Machine Gun Machine Gun

Alongside his more pragmatic designs, Da Vinci also had a thing for designing large weaponry. The gun would have had 10 barrels, and a faster reload time than a traditional cannon. - tgbhj

5 Aerial Screw Aerial Screw

This is considered to be the first ever concept for a helicopter. While it probably wouldn't have worked, it was one of his most innovative concepts, and was over 400 years before the first true helicopter. - tgbhj

6 Parachute Parachute

The first time a parachute was actually used was in 1783, almost three centuries after Da Vinci's design. - tgbhj

7 Diving Suit Diving Suit

The first diving suits were built in the 1710s, two centuries after Da Vinci came up with his design. - tgbhj

8 Giant Crossbow Giant Crossbow

Another giant weapon designed by Da Vinci. While it was never used, it's still an intriguing idea. - tgbhj

9 Siege Defenses Siege Defenses

This design uses a complex lever system to push enemy ladders away from a wall. It was never used, but it would have made an interesting strategy. - tgbhj

10 Perpetual Motion Wheel Perpetual Motion Wheel

The idea behind the wheel is that it is constantly overbalanced, so it would always keep spinning. While impossible by the laws of thermodynamics, it's still an interesting design. - tgbhj

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