Most Impressive McPe Pvpers of 2015


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1 DeatoDreameZ

He's trash because he's a mexican virgin

This guy is the best he should be first

He would have been ranked 1st when he uses split, as that shows how one is a strategic, well-coordinated, and good-at-straving.

Should be #1

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2 BANJerboa

He is a great master of strafing, and he has proven himself a lot by fighting many elite PvPers of his kind. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

He was a sweaty 3per who never admitted his countless losses to other players

What server does he pvp on?

-real feitttr

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3 shohebh1000

Everyone respects him. It's rare to see someone beating him, and many people regard him to be the best. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

He's nothing like what he was.

He's not that good

I've beaten him

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4 Kakqroto_

He is Deato's great buddy; he shows great talent in many of his videos. He deserves this spot in the list, because he has beaten many of the great PvPers like Sharox and TimPoh, who are both in this list. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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5 TimPohMC

Regarded as a master of balancing tap accuracy and movement, he displays great usage of his fast reaction against fast tappers and strafers. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

Self rated himself, he actually sucks lol.

Sorry, I made a mistake this guy shouldn't be anywhere near here. -ShohebHamzahNoodle

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6 Sharox

He is pretty good at strafing and is probably one of the best strafers ever. He uses his keen eye to win many battles, and he can achieve mind-boggling lava-hit combos in many of his videos. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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7 Wilsontan23

Regarded as a master of rule of thumb techniques, Wilson is a smart PvPer who uses his creativity to be able to make helpful and effective strategies that can help even the common and average PvPers. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

bad randy, put himself here - prof

8 AleZMiner

He deserves a higher spot in this list, to be honest, because he is master of jitter tapping, and he has shown great performance in the past weeks by beating many good PvPers. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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9 ThEmeraldDiamond
10 Emerlad

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11 PocketBlockHD

Kid uses his funny ass carrot skin to distract players and not take the fight seriously like op lol

Kid has specialties:mostly just his lag but he doesn't reset sprint and I do and the kid still rekts my ass

He's decent and is improving in PvP. He tends to take pvp not seriously and just jokes so he is a good sport.Though,when serious,he's really good

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12 FantasticToast

Reach for the win

This guy got bad sense of skin
But good sense of pvpeh

Oh no not this mofo
This guy strafe and straight line
A man with great sense of skill but Unimpressive sense of MCPE-Skin-Fashion ^_^

13 NbowArrow45

Come on guys he has never lost a fair fight, not only that he was the richest player in pig raid without even playing for 2 months (on purpous) and he doesn't even have a rank!

14 Elmayor30

Very good player


15 Jqy

He's a cool guy and has shown a lot of potential - Emerlad

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16 FeitJinxy

He's a good player, best tapper and, feit can rekt all elite pvpers, every time he pvp he looks hack but, its not, he's a good guy, and he's cool

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17 xBullen

Gtfo you suck


He sucks

The Best PvPer That ALSO Does YouTube;Best YouTube PvPer

18 xPrestiqed

Very good pvper and is very underrated. wouldn't want him to get a combo on you

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19 Strqight_

A good kohi player... He can strafe, he can combo, but he definitely isn't the best. He can beat some very good players though.

That's me:). definitely not the best but can combo some people better than me

20 Killpro45

Very good

21 iTaZzoR

Really good with combos, doesn't get salty and he's a really nice and calm guy.

Have some real good combos -Flame

Boss strafer, saw him did a 5v2 (him and razzor) and they both won swiftly.

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22 Itz_Randy

He's good, but not great...

How tf did I get on here -Itz_Randy



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23 GloryZoxic

He is a very accurate tapper, and his YouTube channel's videos prove how great of a player he is. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

This kid shouldn't be anywhere near here

24 Xoodiac

Nah, not really. I've dueled with him, (with split) and won all 3 times. True story

He's A Good Strafers he can combo with split and he's also using Non split this guy knows whos low on a match and he can strafe any sides and he's good at bowing he mastered sword

Yeah, he's not that good

He's not that good at straving, tapping, and bowing. I'm doubtful of why he's in this list

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25 Nozic

He is good at the side hits and his combos will make u fly

A bitch that can't strafe

26 xChqrlezPvP

I don't know who he is, how do I put name on a list?

What The Heck I get in here? -xChqrlezPvP

he's good

He can rape u in ipad

27 GetWrqcked

Way better than Banjerboa

28 JakePvPzz

I'm better. I beat him on crazed, and he called me a hacker.

Jake it's Haleem I'm Basically The Same With U How Am I Not On This List

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29 Insan1ty
30 ItzSmore

Truly a master of Rush PvP, he impresses others by showing his beast reaction rates against all sorts of PvPers in KitPvP. He knows how to fight in many situations brought by different circumstances and obstacles. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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31 SaltyFrenchFry

He's sz

32 xOrangeMC

This kid can strafe mad sometimes get powerful combos on ya

33 BestHqcks

He is a Pvp and a handsome guy

The Best basically

34 xSplqshy
35 K1llerPro


36 ProFlame

Most underrated player in PvP, I (Sody) seem him beat many people considered gods, he jusy does YT and Redstone mainly but we shouldn't ignore this kid

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37 ChaoticSynergy

Best pvper ever

38 Neatlight

He is a one of his kind, his strafes are so elegant and then to finish it off with a 7 hit combo. He was the end of all pvpers who came to challenge him. So I had to put Neat in here!

He is truly the best, I quit MCPE because he ruined my career with a 10 hit combo from the start. The best in his time before he got his calf injury,
Love - Starfare

39 xDogsifyy

Yo he's so good

He's so good

So good

So godamn could he can gg10 you

40 PhoenixZ

Tries his Best But cares More about friendship than PVP This is what makes a good Pvper should be top then I'm my opinion

Pretty good Pvper but wouldn't want him To get his combos on you

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41 Theultimatesword

He will try and beat every best pvper and he should be lower than top 20

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42 Chrimerion

He invented a strafe that no one will know except for him, he mkght lose in some occasions because of his tab is too crappy and the internet sucks for him! He gets really unkillable when his internet is strong and HE might not be the best but he is just doing what he can do. He is extreme with the bow on local worlds but in servers he is just practicing getting used to it!

43 JackFrostMiner

Self explanatory

44 Striker_Sky

Formally known as SkytheKid47, he has killed FeiTJinxy, and killed many elite pvpers.
He once quit MCPE leaving him to lose his pvp skill when he come back, but after practice he came back better than ever. Many people don't recognize him in the community, but the people who do know he is a master.

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45 Madnan

He's good with non split I guess but split he's great with clutches

He's good he 6 hearted me like a lot ;-:

He's not thaaat good but whatever he's like decent and by the way take the L for being a nonslit I know your also a split pvper but non split take the L split good to u

46 KreeperKR

He's a brilliant non split pvper and has potentiol to become the best. - KreeperKR

47 Kwickerkicker

He's really good with his combos and going behind people's backs.

Kwickerkicker is totally beast. Better than jake by far.

His circle strat makes people pray for mercy.

Just amazing.

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48 Hamburger555

This Guy shuld be in top 20

49 BlackEnergy

The Cop Of Mcpe,
He's a definitely a solo player with spectacular skills on pvp.He fight alone.He beat a YouTuber already and he do strafez+combo=boom.I also want to say He was Split Control player

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50 xRetroWolfYT

Amazing PvPer,Really Good at strafing.He also shows good sportsmanship.

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