Most Impressive McPe Pvpers of 2015


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1 BANJerboa

He is a great master of strafing, and he has proven himself a lot by fighting many elite PvPers of his kind. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

He was a sweaty 3per who never admitted his countless losses to other players

BANJerboa is an extremely skilled PvPer who can even gg8 the pros, in my opinion he's the #1 Mcpe PvPer ~FeiT

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2 DeatoDreameZ

This guy is the best he should be first

He would have been ranked 1st when he uses split, as that shows how one is a strategic, well-coordinated, and good-at-straving.

He shows his mad PvP skills in his videos and is a master of BuildUHC. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

Deato is A good paper he should be number 1 to be honest -The1NOnlyNickMC

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3 shohebh1000

Everyone respects him. It's rare to see someone beating him, and many people regard him to be the best. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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4 Kakqroto_

He is Deato's great buddy; he shows great talent in many of his videos. He deserves this spot in the list, because he has beaten many of the great PvPers like Sharox and TimPoh, who are both in this list. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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5 TimPohMC

Regarded as a master of balancing tap accuracy and movement, he displays great usage of his fast reaction against fast tappers and strafers. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

Self rated himself, he actually sucks lol.

Sorry, I made a mistake this guy shouldn't be anywhere near here. -ShohebHamzahNoodle

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6 Sharox

He is pretty good at strafing and is probably one of the best strafers ever. He uses his keen eye to win many battles, and he can achieve mind-boggling lava-hit combos in many of his videos. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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7 Wilsontan23

Regarded as a master of rule of thumb techniques, Wilson is a smart PvPer who uses his creativity to be able to make helpful and effective strategies that can help even the common and average PvPers. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

bad randy, put himself here - prof

8 AleZMiner

He deserves a higher spot in this list, to be honest, because he is master of jitter tapping, and he has shown great performance in the past weeks by beating many good PvPers. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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9 ThEmeraldDiamond
10 Emerlad

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11 FantasticToast V 3 Comments
12 NbowArrow45

Come on guys he has never lost a fair fight, not only that he was the richest player in pig raid without even playing for 2 months (on purpous) and he doesn't even have a rank!

13 PocketBlockHD

Kid uses his funny ass carrot skin to distract players and not take the fight seriously like op lol

Kid has specialties:mostly just his lag but he doesn't reset sprint and I do and the kid still rekts my ass

He's decent and is improving in PvP. He tends to take pvp not seriously and just jokes so he is a good sport.Though,when serious,he's really good

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14 Jqy

He's a cool guy and has shown a lot of potential - Emerlad

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15 FeitJinxy

He's a good player, best tapper and, feit can rekt all elite pvpers, every time he pvp he looks hack but, its not, he's a good guy, and he's cool

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16 xBullen V 4 Comments
17 Elmayor30 V 2 Comments
18 xPrestiqed

Very good pvper and is very underrated. wouldn't want him to get a combo on you

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19 Strqight_

A good kohi player... He can strafe, he can combo, but he definitely isn't the best. He can beat some very good players though.

That's me:). definitely not the best but can combo some people better than me

20 iTaZzoR

Really good with combos, doesn't get salty and he's a really nice and calm guy.

Have some real good combos -Flame

Boss strafer, saw him did a 5v2 (him and razzor) and they both won swiftly.

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