Most Impressive McPe Pvpers of 2015


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41 Theultimatesword

He will try and beat every best pvper and he should be lower than top 20

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42 Chrimerion

He invented a strafe that no one will know except for him, he mkght lose in some occasions because of his tab is too crappy and the internet sucks for him! He gets really unkillable when his internet is strong and HE might not be the best but he is just doing what he can do. He is extreme with the bow on local worlds but in servers he is just practicing getting used to it!

43 JackFrostMiner

Self explanatory

44 Striker_Sky

Formally known as SkytheKid47, he has killed FeiTJinxy, and killed many elite pvpers.
He once quit MCPE leaving him to lose his pvp skill when he come back, but after practice he came back better than ever. Many people don't recognize him in the community, but the people who do know he is a master.

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45 Madnan

He's good with non split I guess but split he's great with clutches

He's good he 6 hearted me like a lot ;-:

He's not thaaat good but whatever he's like decent and by the way take the L for being a nonslit I know your also a split pvper but non split take the L split good to u

46 KreeperKR

He's a brilliant non split pvper and has potentiol to become the best. - KreeperKR

47 Kwickerkicker

He's really good with his combos and going behind people's backs.

Kwickerkicker is totally beast. Better than jake by far.

His circle strat makes people pray for mercy.

Just amazing.

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48 Hamburger555

This Guy shuld be in top 20

49 BlackEnergy

The Cop Of Mcpe,
He's a definitely a solo player with spectacular skills on pvp.He fight alone.He beat a YouTuber already and he do strafez+combo=boom.I also want to say He was Split Control player

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50 xRetroWolfYT

Amazing PvPer,Really Good at strafing.He also shows good sportsmanship.

51 Deluxe
52 LailNloi123
53 CaptainKenji17


54 IRazZor

Should be number 1

Godly, makes op strats and rarely see him die. -TaZz

He good me gusta

Should be #1

55 PlayerPlaysMC

Uses excuses to win

He has a blue screen and laggy wifi

56 ItsJp
57 Roxas55

Great PvPer Has Crazy Reach. Destroys most pvpers.He had a 15-0 1v1 streak but it ended when he lost to someone 10-9. He also gets some retarded crazy reach as I've mentioned people say he 3p or hacks a lot.

58 Denner_

Very good at combos and avoiding being strafed. Not the best at bow however.

59 Beasy
60 RePlays

It's pretty simple if I fail to achieve my goal I replay that and improve my skills to get better.

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