Top Ten Most Impressive Ways to Die

The Top Ten

1 Botched Electrocution That Causes You To Burn To Death

So harsh, yet, quite epic! - NerdyPweeps

2 Breathing Lethal Gas, Then Dying From Head Trauma After Bashing Your Head Into The Wall
3 Beheaded After Shooting Yourself In The Jaw

Robespierre for the win

4 Having Your Head Bitten Off By Ozzy Osbourne

I'd be really proud to die like this laugh out loud

That's what he did to elton john in celebrity deathmatch.

He's probably gonna have a bat next time he's here - UsernameHere

It's the most awesome way to die

5 Decapitated By A Too Long Drop
6 Shot Five Times In The Heart
7 Strapped Down For Lethal Injection, Then Getting Stabbed To Death By The Priest

Lethal injection oh boy I guess - bobbythebrony

8 Getting Your Throat Slashed And A Bullet To The Head At The Same Time
9 Playing "Hide The Soul" With Chucky, Then Choking To Death On A Chicken Wing
10 Die of a Stinky Fart

WHAT THE?... laugh out loud. laugh out loud. laugh out loud

I know who'd find this funny... - PositronWildhawk

Britgirl... Would find this funny. - funnyuser

LAUGH OUT LOUD! This shod be #1

The Contenders

11 Sacrifice Self to Save the World

That would make you a true, true hero.

12 Dying The Way Andrea Died In Jason: X

Talk about a splitting headache - bobbythebrony

Actually her name was Andrienne.

Jason frozed her face solid and then smashed it!

13 Getting Your Head Sliced By an Executioner

Sure, it might not hurt, but think of how afraid you'd be

According to studies, you will not fell any sensation of pain, as your nervous system fails to transfer the signal to Brain!
So it's the best ways to die! - glambert

14 Getting Eaten Alive by Zombies
15 Silver The Hedgehog shouting It's no use at you and throws cars at you until you die

I really like silver's powers.

16 Choking on your own body parts

Just... Wow. you guys are violent. - spongebobgymnast2

17 You are kidnapped by a kangaroo who takes you to a random city and ties you to a post. You die of dehydration on the post.

What in the actual hell. You guys have some wicked imaginations. - MattAffterburner

I guess that means the kangaroos are planning to enslave humanity and take over the earth.

18 Die of excitement after being kissed by a supermodel
19 Use Your Private Parts As Piranha Bait

Dumb ways to die logic - JayManJayden

20 Kicked by Chuck Norris and Dying Because of Being Ashamed
21 Buying Some Glasses and Realizing They Belonged to Jimmy Saville
22 When two stars collide and you're in the middle of it
23 Trying to Drive After Putting TNT In the Gas Tank

And I'm almost there... BOOM!

24 By a knife on Dexter Morgans' table
25 Sonic spin dashing you and then Blaze burns you while Pikachu shocks you too death and Pit shoots you. Repeatedly.

I've been playing/watching let's players too much... But how did you even get there?

26 Eating a full grown crocodile then exploding
27 Getting Ebola
28 Listening to Justin Bieber for too long
29 Dissolved in an Alkali Bath
30 Jumping out of a plane into an erupting volcano while riding a shark and the US military is chasing you and you are strapped to a nuclear bomb.
31 Thanos disintegrating you
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