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1 Satisfya

Best song I have ever heard in my

It is the best song in the holl world

Best song I have ever heard!

Imran khan best in the world

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2 Bewafa

Just love this song

It is the best sad song I have ever heard

It should be number 1. A good song it is.

Imran Khan your song is very powerful ya iam lisen your song nice you are great man really I lisen amplifier satisfy royal president let's celebrate bewafa etc

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3 Aaja We Mahiya

The other sad one :( - FanOfImranKhan

What a lovely song t
Imran bhai
I love this song very much and this is Mah favorite song of all tym this song contains the best feeling and show the emotion of urs
So love you imran bhai keep

4 Superstar

Imran khan is one - FanOfImranKhan

5 Nazar
6 Peli Waar
7 Amplifier

He is better than falak shabir, bilal saeed, bilal khan

This should be at top guys please vote for this song

Best singer ever seen

This is the number 1 songs
The list if bad

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8 Hey Girl
9 Imaginary

I didnot know imran khan but when I heard his song imaginary I loved it I am in love with this guy now

Wake guru chrdikla ch rekhe twannu

Come on has recieved 6 awards.. and such an awesome song by ik.. vote guys vote

10 Gora Gora Rang

Imran khan is the best singer in the world n his songs r just amz9 love you imran bhai
and gora gora rang is my personal favorite song because this song has a capability to be the top song in his album unforgettable

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