Top 10 Inaccuracies with "Top Ten Ways Sanjay and Craig is Better Than Pokemon"

Sorry but that list is kinda inaccurate despite being made months ago. I'll explain why it is inaccurate.

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1 Sanjay and craig is not funny

It is probably the most unfunny show ever, almost no one thinks this garbage is funny.

Using butt jokes is funny? No it's not - Chromium

Guys. He's a troll. Ignore him. - DCfnaf

2 It says anime sucks even though it is popular

It may be overrated but still it is way popular than Sanjay and Craig. - Chromium

3 Pokemon is for all people, not just nerds

Even sports players play Pokemon - Chromium

4 Pokemon actually makes more sense

Yes. A great kids show better than a cartoon full of butt humor - Chromium

5 Sanjay and craig is inappropriate for kids

Pokemon is for all ages aside from the toned down violence in some episodes - Chromium

6 Pokemon has creativity

Try coming up with 700+ mysterious creatures yourself.

Sanjay and Craig is not. - Chromium

My favorite pokemon are Banette and almost all ghost type pokemon. There is over 720 pokemon out there.-Vestalis

It does, there is even a lot of Pokémon ripoffs because of how creative that show is, catching creatures using pokeballs and competing your Pokémon with other players. Sanjay and Craig is unfunny and not creative, just a bunch of nasty things combined.

7 Pokemon is adventurous
8 It claims fart jokes are good

Fart jokes are bad and unfunny, clever jokes are much better and funnier than that fake humor.

9 Sanjay and craig is boring

I've watched it and it's boring all right. The animation is pretty boring as well. - Vancedapurpleguy

It is, I watched an episode and it was one of the most boring shows ever. I watched an episode of Pokémon and it was far more enjoyable and interesting.

10 Pokemon has many fans

Sanjay and Craig does too, if Tumblr and DeviantArt are any indication. - KalloFox34

Sanjay and Craig barely has any. - Chromium

Nobody likes Sanjay and Craig, Pokémon is popular all around the world, there is even the most downloaded app, which is Pokémon Go. Sanjay and Craig is trash, it is just butts and farts and toilets, not funny.

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11 Pokemon doesn't have disgusting humor
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