Most Inaccurate Country Stereotypes


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1 All Irish People Drink and Curse

I've been to Ireland. This one might be truer than you realize. They're good people, though. We mustn't undervalue their hospitality. - BKAllmighty

Aaaand only eat potatoes. - Bee08

2 All Japanese People Are Rich

You sure its inaccurate huh? - Ananya

3 British People Have Bad Teeth

I have got 1 broken tooth. We do not have bad teeth.

There are some Brits with bad teeth as there are in all countries. Mine aren't bad; they're just plain clean. I don't use teeth whitening, though. Look... *flashes a clean set of nashers* :D

4 All Americans are Fat

Most accurate but still untrue, especially if you come out to the Los Angeles county. There's not a lot of fat people here. - Mcgillacuddy

This is the most accurate out of the lot unfortunately. - AGK

I'm actually pretty underweight, being born in America. - WonkeyDude98

I'm average weight, so yeah. - RiverClanRocks

5 Romanians Don't Know How to Dress
6 Russians are Addicted to Vodka

This is so stupid! I am from Russia and my parents don't drink!

7 Germans are Nazi Worshipers
8 All French People Smell Bad
9 All Arabic People are Terrorists

Being an Arab who spent his life between Kuwait and Egypt, I've never met a person who supports terrorism in my life.

Sadly, the media pays more attention to Muslim and Arab terrorists in a way that makes Islam to be behind terrorism. Not to mention that while Islam is the religion most associated with terrorism, a good 10 percent of Arabs are not Muslims, and most terrorist groups are not Arabian.

Its not true actually

This is a stereotype. Most Muslims and Arabs aren't terrorists, most terrorists are Muslim and Arab though.

10 All Chinese People Say "Ching Chong"

It does sound like ching chang chong. I don't see how it's so "offensive" when people say that.

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? All Chinese People are Good at Math

I’m Chinese and I struggle in math at school a lot

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11 All Koreans Eat Dogs

What. I've never heard this.

12 All Canadians are Overly Apologetic

I'm American, and I apologize for every. Little. Thing. Even if I haven't done anything wrong. - RiverClanRocks

13 All Africans Have Ebola

Ok. what is this

14 All Indians Are Smart

I sure am an Indian and I would say not all Indians are smart. Come on! We are just like every other country. Some people are smart and some are real Douchebags. that's the truth.

Um, the average IQ of India is below average

15 All Pakistanis are Terrorists

What this is the most ridiculous thing ever. Why would people just say that and not feel stupid.

16 All Chinese Eat Dogs

My relatives are Chinese and WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT EAT DOGS! >:(

17 Italians are Addicted to Pasta

As it happens, we are. What's it to ya?

I'm black and I'm addicted to pasta like a mf - Mcgillacuddy

18 All Brazilians are Beach Addicts
19 All Nigerians Eat Bones
20 All Montenegrins Are Lazy
21 All Chinese Tourists are Rude and Obnoxious

While I have actually seen Chinese people behave badly in public (from public diaper changing to fighting over maps at a Macy's at a mall), not all of them behave like that. My family is Chinese and we are civilized human beings whenever we are going on vacation!

22 The Chinese and Japanese are Enemies
23 All Chinese People Hate Cheese

I am Chinese and I find cheese very delicious

24 All Chinese People Know Kung-Fu

I'm Chinese and I don't know kung fu

25 All Chinese People Worship Bruce Lee
26 Chinese People Only Eat Rice and Noodles
27 Japanese People Only Eat Sushi
28 All Chinese Speak Engrish
29 All Americans are Racist
30 All Chinese Worship Jeremy Lin
31 All Vietnamese Men Drink Beer
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