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1 All Irish People Drink and Curse

I've been to Ireland. This one might be truer than you realize. They're good people, though. We mustn't undervalue their hospitality. - BKAllmighty

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2 All Japanese People Are Rich

You sure its inaccurate huh? - Ananya

3 British People Have Bad Teeth

There are some Brits with bad teeth as there are in all countries. Mine aren't bad; they're just plain clean. I don't use teeth whitening, though. Look... *flashes a clean set of nashers* :D

4 All Americans are Fat

Most accurate but still untrue, especially if you come out to the Los Angeles county. There's not a lot of fat people here. - Mcgillacuddy

This is the most accurate out of the lot unfortunately. - AGK

I'm actually pretty underweight, being born in America. - WonkeyDude98

I'm average weight, so yeah. - RiverClanRocks

5 Romanians Don't Know How to Dress
6 Russians are Addicted to Vodka

This is so stupid! I am from Russia and my parents don't drink!

7 Germans are Nazi Worshipers
8 All French People Smell Bad
9 All Chinese People Say "Ching Chong"

It does sound like ching chang chong. I don't see how it's so "offensive" when people say that.

10 All Arabic People are Terrorists

Being an Arab who spent his life between Kuwait and Egypt, I've never met a person who supports terrorism in my life.

Sadly, the media pays more attention to Muslim and Arab terrorists in a way that makes Islam to be behind terrorism. Not to mention that while Islam is the religion most associated with terrorism, a good 10 percent of Arabs are not Muslims, and most terrorist groups are not Arabian.

This is a stereotype. Most Muslims and Arabs aren't terrorists, most terrorists are Muslim and Arab though.

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11 All Canadians are Overly Apologetic

I'm American, and I apologize for every. Little. Thing. Even if I haven't done anything wrong. - RiverClanRocks

12 All Indians Are Smart

I sure am an Indian and I would say not all Indians are smart. Come on! We are just like every other country. Some people are smart and some are real Douchebags. that's the truth.

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13 All Africans Have Ebola
14 Italians are Addicted to Pasta

As it happens, we are. What's it to ya?

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15 All Koreans Eat Dogs
16 All Brazilians are Beach Addicts
17 All Nigerians Eat Bones
18 All Pakistanis are Terrorists
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