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1 All-Time Worst People in History

I hate Justin Bieber, but seriously you can't rank him as a worse person than terrorists. Grow the f up. - EvilAngel

Justin Bieber is ranked number two over Sadamm HUssen and Osama Bin Laden, what is wrong with you people!? - MoldySock

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2 Most Dangerous Sports

Um... Cheerleading is ranked more dangerous than bull riding, hockey, and football. Fail. - MoldySock

3 Worst Songs of All Time

Agree with you here. Baby may be bad, but surely Stupid Hoe is worse. I'd say ten times more explicit, tuneless and mindless. I guess I'll have to remix that list sometime. - PositronWildhawk

Baby by Justin Bieber as number one, just because it's by Justin Bieber and people think it's so edgy to hate him for no reason. There are plenty of worse people out there - MoldySock

4 Worst Countries

Definitely agree with you MoldySock. This list is a Parisite that breeds hatred. - Britgirl

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5 Worst Rock Bands of All Time

I don't think people know what rock is... BEcause uh 1d is not a rock band - MoldySock

6 Worst Rock Songs of All Time

Most of these aren't even rock songs... - MoldySock

7 Worst Movies of All Time
8 Best Insults

At least I'm not the only one who hates the best insults list. - blst0033

9 Top Ten Best Sitcoms of All Time
10 Weirdest Video Game Characters

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11 Top 10 Worst Music Artist Collaborations

Nicki Minaj never did a collaboration with Ozzy Osboure. And let's all hope that she NEVER will. Nor should any other bad artists.

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12 Best Songs of All Time

This list is inaccurate because it is biased in favour of Stairway to Heaven, Smells Like Teen Spirit and stuff like that. Which I'm not necessarily saying are bad songs; there are better songs out there that deserve more attention. - PositronWildhawk

13 Most Hated Countries
14 Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better than the Beatles
15 Most Underrated Rock Songs
16 Best Rock Bands of All Time
17 Best Movies of All Time
18 Top Ten Things That Should Be Gone By 2018

Metal Music was at the top, Nicki Minaj is much much much much (x56653463) times worse. - blst0033

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19 Worst '70s Songs
20 Top Ten Artists that Created Their Own Genre
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