Best Inanimate Insanity Characters


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1 Taco

For now, Taco is... (for if I say it, it will spoil it for those who haven't watched it yet)

She might show a sympathetic side in the future, but she's...

I think he is funny, he burp out taco ball

Taco: Fat cakes
Pickle: yes taco, balloon is fat
Balloon: Hey!

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2 OJ
3 Paper
4 Bow



5 Pickle
6 Marshmallow

She's everyone's favorite character

Marshmallow is really cute

7 Apple
8 Baseball

Why did anyone vote for OJ

9 Paintbrush

I think Paintbrush is female

What is his gender?!

Paintbrush is an attack helicopter. Stop assuming their gender it's so obvious that they identify as an attack helicopter now stop using the wrong pronouns! Paintbrushes can be attack helicopters too! '/;(!

10 Knife

The Contenders

11 Lightbulb

I think lightbulb is awesome because he is so derpy like yellow face

I am in love with Lightbulb.

MePhone4s is higher that's crazy

12 Toilet
13 Soap
14 Yin-Yang

He's the star of the show, come on what is Inanimate Insanity without some good comedy. Besides, his arguing was actually funny, unlike Cheesy's dumb jokes...

I love this entertaining character!

15 MePhone
16 Mephone4s
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