Best Inanimate Insanity II Characters

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1 Bow

Bow is so cute and funny. I love her so much. She is adorable and you should love this awesome character. She is funny, silly, and a bit weird, but I don't mind with the weirdness, so I hope you all vote for Bow.

Bow is so sweet! I like her as a ghost, too! She was EXTREMELY sweet to Marshmallow!

I like chairs, so I LOVE Bow! Seriously, her personality is so funny!

Yup very good and developed along with marsh she should have won season 1 I hope they find a way too bring her back soon maybe in a challenge? if test tube get’s out that will be bad too cause she has the bowinator that may bring her back

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2 Paintbrush

Wait- I have a question abou-

Uh, actually, I have a question about-
Wait, never mind, I forgot.
MP4: Well, it's time for Elimination
Oh also, I like Paintbrush is C: Nome of the Above, and their flame-hair-bristle thing is funny. Oh also so is their constant team complaining. It sounds like me.


3 Lightbulb

Light bulb is so funny and cool

She is seriously hysterical - CuriousKitten555

Lightbulb Is so relatable


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4 Yin-Yang

Ying yang is the best! Without him, the show would not keep moving! He fights himself and it's funny if he won that would make a funny season finale

He's hilarious in every way, He fights himself a lot and it's hilarious...

If he won, it would be a funny season finale, I hope he has good luck by his side and rejoins

I want him to rejoin, and why are toilet and cherries above him

HE IS EPIC... Plus two of the comments are mine

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5 Toilet

Toilet is precious and absolutely adorable

Without toilet, no one would be here

Maybe one day MePhone4 will care about him. RIP toilet

Mr. Phone?
Can I get you a pillow?

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6 Cherries

Cherries are funny


7 Dough

I love dough he's meh fave

8 Suitcase

Why is she at the bottom?! She's suffering from depression and you don't give a crap? Shame on you guys! Without her, Balloon would be forever alone and unloved.

Please Adam, Let Suitcase be happy! She's broken and empty.

Suitcase needs help, save her and she will be happy.

He's a little beudeful girl

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9 Paper

He is a fart face

Well for me he's very unknown but he's my favorite! He can be like a girl sometimes according to his voice and acts...but somehow immature...I WILL FREAK OUT JUST MAKING A JORNAL OF HIM! If you hate him IDC since I was so nice...and also...same personalities like Leafy...

Without Paper, the world will be nothing! There wouldn't even be the show, Imamate Insaneity.

Come on! Just write on him! Write "Taco" and then
Paper freaks saying "HE'S EVIL! Taco a girl? " HAHAA So funny

10 Mephone4s

Coolest villain on Inamate insanity... he better be ahead of Yang!

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11 Lifering

Lifering funniest he's cool.

12 Baseball

Baseball's the best character of all time

He needs to be higher!

13 Test Tube

She took the kids


14 Balloon

Balloon is the most likely fan favorite but the contestants aren't

This cinnamon roll just tries so hard- he needs some love :'c

15 Marshmallow

Bubble needed her death on ordering to Become a Super Alien.


16 Knife

Okay so Knife was a HUGE jerk in Season 1, I'll admit that, and still is a Bit in Season 2. But in Season 2, he really shows a soft, caring spot for others. It's just really great seeing someone really care in this show, you know?

I like knife he is best and he talk to my other favorite suitcase and help her so knife is cool

He's badass and the 7 year olds watching this show can't accept it.

He's cool

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17 Fan

Fan's egg is so ' cute! He's the best and I say it!

He represents the inner fan in all of us.

Fan best guy in the world!


18 Teddy Bear

Who doesn't love cute little Teddy bear? All she wants is Apple dinner.

19 Soap

I don't like soap she just annoying with her constant cleaning. But its just my opinion - princepretty

Soap is love, Soap is lyfe.
JK but still she is a good character.

20 OJ


21 Party Hat

Party hat is super awesome,

Party hat is not even in the show

22 Apple

Apple was always my most favorite character
On II. She didn't say she was using Marshmallow
Bow lied to Marshmallow and said she had to go
But she didn't go she made Apple speak and through
Apple out. Didn't you guys see The Pink outlining
And Didn't you see Bow come out. But I still love Bow

23 Cheesy
24 Poup Soop

Best character ever!

Who is this.

25 Taco

Taco is the best! Don't mind that she's evil. It has to be a joke!


26 Rubber Ball
27 Pepper

Aw come on guys! She's the best!

28 Traffic Light

I love traffic light, I love it when the red one gets mad SO easily and the yellow one? Eh. And the green one is so nice

29 Nickel Nickel
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