Top Ten Inanimate Insanity II Contestants

The Top Ten

1 Test Tube

She is a scientest

2 Baseball
3 Box

Will I voted box - Raedamin2007

4 Marshmallow

Marshmallow Is The best

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5 Paintbrush
6 Apple
7 Nickel

I would have started laughing if Nickel was spelt wrong... - Turkeyasylum

8 Suitcase

She is so cute!

She's so kawaii! X3

9 Knife

Knife is awesome and cool even though he is a jerk to everyone

10 Lightbulb

YUS! She is so hysterical. My favorite character - CuriousKitten555

The Contenders

11 Balloon

I'm ballon and I eat Poup Soop!

12 Cheesy
13 Yin-Yang

Come on guys, he keeps the show going! He fights with himself but it's for entertainment! It is funny!

14 Cherries
15 Trophy

What? Who put HIM on this list!?

Trophy Is annoying As Heck

Trophy sucks like heck!

Trophy wins last place 🙀

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16 Bow


17 Soap

She is a good character, worthy of being in the Top Three.

18 Nick-le

The best one

19 Microphone
20 Tissues
21 Fan
22 Poup Soop

Poup Soop is the best and needs moar likes! Go Poup Soop!

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