Most Inappropriate Metallica Albums

The Top Ten

1 Garage Inc

The only reason is because this was a cover album this makes it at 30 mainly cause so what - Usernamessuck

2 Lulu

Because all songs except for three include a bad word or something sexual at 26 bad words - Usernamessuck

3 St. Anger

Has 14 bad words mostly from the title track - Usernamessuck

4 Load

Interestingly enough this is at 10 bad words but it only comes from one song ain’t my b***h - Usernamessuck

5 Hardwired... to Self-Destruct

Once again all the bad words only come from one song the title track at 6 - Usernamessuck

6 Master of Puppets

The only reason this is higher than kill em all they both have 3 bad words but the song with them on here is extremely violent, damage inc - Usernamessuck

7 Kill 'em All

This one is also at 3 but whiplash isn’t as violent as damage inc - Usernamessuck

8 Reload

With only 2 in fuel and Prince Charming reload is a great album and parents kids should listen to this band - Usernamessuck

9 Black Album

This one is free of bad words but has minor ones in the struggle within with a repeated phrase what the hell - Usernamessuck

10 Ride the Lightning

It has one minor word in the title track but otherwise is clean and also the cleanest is death magnetic with no bad words not even a minor one - Usernamessuck

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