Most Inappropriate SpongeBob Episodes


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1 Gary Takes a Bath

The girl and prison joke was enough to make it an adult show episode - RockStarr

This list proves the following: 1. List quality is declining. 2. How immature RockStarr is. It's a KID show. - Therandom

2 Squidville

I can't remember whether it was from squidville or reef blower but in one squidward was playing with a reef blower and he put it near his private - RockStarr

3 The Play's the Thing

SpongeBob was blowing balloons that look EXACTLY like condoms - RockStarr

4 The Splinter

Mr Krabs pulls the splinter out of SpongeBob thumb and purple stuff came out - RockStarr

5 I'm With Stupid

Patrick Star insults SpongeBob just to look smart - RockStarr

6 Reef Blower
7 Mid Life Crustacean V 1 Comment
8 Employee of the Month

A fish was stating at his private - RockStarr

9 Procrastination

When Patrick Star rubs sunscream on sandy's back it looks like he's taking her bikini off... - RockStarr

10 House Fancy V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 The Battle of Bikini Bottom V 1 Comment
12 SquidBob TentaclePants

It gave children nightmares - RockStarr

13 Demolition Doofus

Mrs Puff tries to murder SpongeBob - RockStarr

14 One Coarse Meal

How did I forget this? Anyway plankton tried to commit suicide - RockStarr

15 Sailor Mouth
16 Model Sponge V 1 Comment
17 Squid's Visit

It wasn't inappropriate, just a bit creepy - RockStarr

18 Pet or Pests

Lots of animal abuse. Mainly from SpongeBob - RockStarr

19 Restraining SpongeBob

What happened in this one? - RockStarr

20 Texas
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