Most Inappropriate SpongeBob Episodes


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1 Gary Takes a Bath

The girl and prison joke was enough to make it an adult show episode - RockStarr

If I remember correctly, the episode was made before the soap line became associated with prison. - Gg2000

2 Squidville

I can't remember whether it was from squidville or reef blower but in one squidward was playing with a reef blower and he put it near his private - RockStarr

All the squidville residents are racists. They hate reefblowers, Sponges, Starfish, and every other species except for themselves... It was also innapropriate with Squidward putting the reefblower near his private parts.

3 The Play's the Thing

SpongeBob was blowing balloons that look EXACTLY like condoms - RockStarr

4 The Splinter

Mr Krabs pulls the splinter out of SpongeBob thumb and purple stuff came out - RockStarr

5 I'm With Stupid

Patrick Star insults SpongeBob just to look smart - RockStarr

6 Reef Blower
7 Mid Life Crustacean

Mr Krabs touches women knickers and says ''porn'' - RockStarr

8 Employee of the Month

A fish was stating at his private - RockStarr

9 Procrastination

They deleted that scene of Patrick rubbing Sandy's bikini. But they shouldn't have deleted that scene where there was a live action race car crash.

When Patrick Star rubs sunscream on sandy's back it looks like he's taking her bikini off... - RockStarr

10 Sailor Mouth

The Newcomers

? Squid's Day Off

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11 House Fancy House Fancy

Why is it inappropriate

12 To Love a Patty
13 The Incredible Shrinking Sponge
14 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

Patrick Star says '' It's ok to be dirty'' - RockStarr

15 SquidBob TentaclePants SquidBob TentaclePants

It gave children nightmares - RockStarr

16 Demolition Doofus

Mrs Puff tries to murder SpongeBob - RockStarr

17 One Coarse Meal

How did I forget this? Anyway plankton tried to commit suicide - RockStarr

18 Chocolate With Nuts

Eww! Patrick swears at Tom in this one when scared! - zaplen

19 Model Sponge

Seriously? Dipping SpongeBob in a toilet? What are u thinking? - RockStarr

20 Squid's Visit

It wasn't inappropriate, just a bit creepy - RockStarr

21 Pet or Pests

Lots of animal abuse. Mainly from SpongeBob - RockStarr

22 Restraining SpongeBob

What happened in this one? - RockStarr

23 Texas
24 Karate Choppers
25 All That Glitters
26 Dumped
27 Dying for Pie
28 Krusty Love

Yet when Mr Krabs yells at Spongebob he swears

29 Are You Happy Now?
30 Survival of the Idiots

They literally tear all the fur of a sleeping squirrel and Patrick stuffs it down his pants...

31 Atlantis SquarePantis
32 New Leaf
33 Stuck on the Roof Stuck on the Roof
34 Stuck In The Wringer Stuck In The Wringer
35 Your Shoe's Untied
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