Top Ten Incarnations of Ganondorf

Ganondorf, in so many ways, is one of the best, if not the best, video game villain of all time. And not only that, but he has so many different personalities when you look at all of the different games. But who is the best incarnation of Ganondorf?

The Top Ten

1 Twilight Princess Ganondorf

Had the best origin story and was the best Ganondorf fight of all time. Too bad he didn't show up until later... - LandonLaFond

2 Wind Waker Ganondorf

This Ganondorf had the best character design of any Ganon/Ganondorf in the series in my opinion because he actually has really good motives in this game. In the other games, he's just an evil man (or pig) who either seeks the Triforce so he can rule Hyrule or wants to destroy everything, but this Ganondorf actually has good motives. In Wind Waker, he reveals that in Ocarina of Time he wanted to get the Triforce and rule Hyrule so his people, the Gerudo, wouldn't have to live in the harsh desert anymore and could instead live in Hyrule. He explains that he was envious and jealous of the lush greenery of Hyrule. And he reveals that now, he wants to unflood Hyrule not just so he can rule it, but also so that the people of the Great Sea can return to their former home of Hyrule. He actually seems to have a heart and he no longer seems quite as cold as he used to. In a way, you actually have empathy for him, and if you actually have empathy for the villain, it shows good character design. ...more

3 Ocarina of Time Ganondorf
4 Demise
5 A Link to the Past Ganon
6 The Legend of Zelda Ganon
7 Four Swords Adventures Ganon
8 The Phantom Hourglass Ganondorf
9 Oracle of Seasons/ages Ganon
10 Link's Awakening Ganon

The Contenders

11 Calamity Ganon

I'm most likely the only one, but I think that Calamity Ganon is the coolest because he looks like something out of a horror story: part spider, part human, part robot, and all evil.

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