Top 10 Inconveniences in Animal Crossing that Everyone Can Relate To

I was paying a lot of Animal Crossing New Leaf when my internet was out for nearly 3 weeks, so here is a Top 10 relating to Animal Crossing

The Top Ten

1 Sea bass
2 Villagers you love so much that leave your town unexpectedly
3 Your favorite villagers suggesting that they should move out of your town when you are trying to get rid of a different villager
4 Villagers moving on spots where you plan on putting paths, PWP, flowers, etc
5 Isabelle taking forever to comprehend where you want to put your public work project (acnl)
6 Random scorpions and tarantulas attacking you in the summer
7 Resetti

I only know this guy from smash bros. Man, he's annoying!

8 Dealing with bees
9 Receiving public works projects that you want from your villagers taking forever (acnl)
10 Tom nook

The Contenders

11 Constantly running out of pocket space while moving things around
12 Working so hard on your town and then feeling like it's garbage because you saw a better looking town
13 Seeing a cool villager in your camp site while already having 10 villagers (ACNL)
14 Losing a villager while time traveling to get things done quicker
15 Cicadas don't shut up
16 Go without playing for months and ending up being too anxious to start up the game again
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