Top Ten Most Incorrectly Used Words


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1 Literally

I need to stop using this word so often. Like, literally, what's wrong with me. - Catacorn

2 And

People use it a lot to make run on sentences. - Oliveleaf

Actually "and" doesn't cause many run on sentences, its only if you have two independent clauses that aren't linked. In many cases, if you add an "and" to a run on sentence (because it's a fanboi), you can make it gramatically correct.

But don't be the jerk that points that out, like I'm doing right now. - keycha1n

3 Irony

Yes, I see this all the time. People confuse a 'coincidence' with 'irony'. Irony is when something happens that is the opposite of what you'd expect.

4 Technically
5 Grammar
6 Basically
7 Easy

People say that certain things are easy when they know they aren't. - Oliveleaf

8 Overrated
9 Stupid
10 F**k

Sorry for putting this on here, but it is used incorrectly. - Oliveleaf

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11 Legitimate
12 Its
13 Incorrectly
14 Awesome
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