Top Ten Best The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions Items

The Top Ten

1 Mel Schlemming

Mel hits the number 1 spot with his screaming and twisting his head and landing hard on the ground to hard. He is just hilarious, he always cracks me up.

2 Anti-Gravity Pad

I like it when I put an item like critters or balls or stuff on it, then it floats, it's awesome.

3 Accelerator Tube

When you put an item in this, it will go faster which makes it great.

4 Remote Control Bomb

When I usually put an item on this, it explodes or falls off when the bomb explodes.

5 Blimp

Sometimes useless but it's great for when Mel falls of a big edge and when this blimp pops or explodes, its really cool.

6 Curie Cat

I like her, she is really cool and can be good on doing items like catching Newton Mouse and is also pretty funny. Her meow or meow screech is pretty annoying sometimes, but she is still good.

7 Newton Mouse

I like it when he runs off or does something on accident. He is also good at finding cheese.

8 Lasers

It's pretty cool when I start the laser to shoot into something to light it on fire.

9 Balls

All the balls are needed for contraptions, mostly the bowling ball.

10 Mouse Motor

The Contenders

11 Conveyor Belt

It just keeps on moving an item when I put something on it, it's an easier way to get something to a certain position.

12 Cannon
13 Balloons
14 Match On A Spring
15 Pavlov Mandrill
16 Aladdins Lamp
17 Fan
18 Egg Timer
19 Electric Motor
20 Generator
21 Trans-Roto Matic
22 Roto-Trans Converter
23 Missile
24 Fireworks Rocket
25 Springboard
26 Pipes
27 Large Curved Pipes
28 Rope
29 Belt
30 Nitroglycerine
31 Can Opener
32 Captain Z Phazer
33 Jack-in-the-box
34 Teeter Totter
35 Boxing Glove
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