Top Ten Independence Movements of 2016

Which independence movements of countries do you support? For example, some people in Texas want to be their own country. Do you support this?

The Top Ten

1 Tibet

For so long, Tibet has been taken over by Chins. It's about time they finally let the Dalai Llama come back and rule the nation as they close their borders and live in peace again. - AsianBlood

2 Kashmir

So people stop fighting over it - AsianBlood

Kashmir is pakistan

3 East Turkestan

Just like Tibet, they want peace. China won't let them. - AsianBlood

4 Scotland

Scotland chose to remain under British rule, I'm not thinking there's much of an independence movement there. - Jackamalio

Completely different culture from Britain. Deserves independence. - AsianBlood

5 Chechnya
6 Texas
7 Wales

Same condition as Scotland. - AsianBlood

8 Alaska

Alaska can honestly do better controlling its economy by itself without the mainland. - AsianBlood

9 Wallonia/Flanders

This is where Belgium is partitioned into two states. They are so different already, with one side French and the other Dutch (I think). - AsianBlood

10 Quebec

The Contenders

11 North Sentinel Island North Sentinel Island
12 Badakshan

Such a different culture from Afghanistan and Tajikistan, but how would they depend with almost all the country being mountains? - AsianBlood

13 Cascadia Cascadia
14 Northern Ireland

So to stop tensions between the UK and Ireland and because the Troubles are over. - Swellow

15 Sindhusthan

Lot of revolt against the oppressive policy of Urdu & Punjabi dominated Pakistan.

16 Punjab
17 Balochistan

Its time for a new nation out of pakistan

18 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong, officially the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, is an autonomous territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in East Asia.

It needs to be independent from China due to separate histories, and the people want to be free. China is hurting Hong Kong.

19 Transnistria Transnistria

Already a de facto independent state, nestled in the fertile Dniester River valley btwn Moldova & Ukraine; fewer than 150,000 people but has own currency & mint, army & police, border-control & passports, postal service & stamps + legislature; the people also speak Russian &/or Ukrainian, not Romanian!

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