Top 10 Independent Sports-Themed YouTube Channels

Sports are a huge part of the entertainment industry. From college to pros there’s a lot to cover. Some YouTube Channels actually go out of their way to cover sports stories in their own ways. Others do sport related games and battles. NOTE: this does NOT include channels such as ESPN, NFL etc because those are run by businesses not individuals. This list will only be counting channels run by individuals or groups of individuals.

The Top Ten

1 Dude Perfect Dude Perfect is an American sports entertainment group from Frisco, Texas which routinely uploads videos to YouTube.

Dude Perfect is a bit different than the others but you wouldn’t expect this list to not include them. They don’t cover sports teams or players like the other channels but they play variations of sports with a twist and battle with each other to claim bragging rights. And they are most famous for trick shot videos. And they have quite the successful following and their own HQ.

Dude Perfect is simply legendary.

Elite level channel

2 Urinatingtree

UrinatingTree is one of my favorite youtubers. His attitude and humor is quite unique. You have to be a sports fan to understand his passion. He can be quite cynical about things but when he rips into teams it’s pretty intense. Really high quality content all around. Also his prediction skills are hilarious

3 ThatsGoodSports

ThatsGoodSports is one of the most underrated Youtube channels out there and a hidden gem Perna. This Broncos fan hosts an actual show type approach like a mock Sports Center almost. He mainly focuses on Football content and has great effort in his videos. And his humor while a bit extreme at times can be hilarious. He actually makes me hate the Broncos a little less. So there’s that

A hidden gem

4 The Dumpster Fire

This is a live stream between UrinatingTree and FivePointsVids. The two talk about sporting events and react to certain sports stories that are relevant at the time.

5 Joseph Vincent

Joseph Vincent I didn’t discover until recently and he has some pretty interesting videos he goes more for the single athlete approach with documentary style videos on guys like Michael Jordan, Rob Gronkowski Vince Carter etc

6 FivePointsVids

FivePointsVids does a lot of interesting videos ranging from obscure rules to abandoned stadiums to roasting sports teams he has a little bit of everything. Very detailed and has some interesting commentary on top of that

7 Tom Grossi

I don't watch a lot of sports content on YouTube, but Grossi is one of the channels I enjoy. He does a lot of Packers-related content, but also does great reaction videos. He's definitely worth a watch for all NFL fans.

If you’re looking for a lighthearted all around approach Tom Grossi is for you. This Cheesehead does a good job covering NFL news and Packers news and has some funny skits with NFL fan reactions. Even the lesser diehard sports fans can enjoy his videos without being overwhelmed

8 Foolish Baseball

Foolish Baseball obviously covers MLB news. While his content is interesting he might go a little too in depth for an average fan. Still worth a watch if you’re interested


KTO does a lot of NFL focused videos comparing certain players across generations or doing rankings or obscure moments in NFL history he’s worth a watch

He is pretty informative and covers some interesting topics. Another channel worth watching.

10 GiraffeNeckMarc

Another MLB Channel this guy does a lot of predictions and goes over players in depth. Kinda like foolish baseball to an extent if Baseball is your thing I would recommend him. He has some trivia videos as well overall an interesting guy to watch

The Contenders

11 2HYPE

2Hype is amazing if you just need some entertainment. One of the best out there. They don't just do sports though, so I'm not sure if they count.

12 Chris Smoove

How can you not like Chris Smoove. I go to him for big NBA moves.

13 AFunkyDiabetic

AFunkyDiabetic is super down to earth and sarcastic.

14 Sporting Logically

Super smart and is really interesting to watch.

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