Top 10 Indian Animation Companies of 2015

These are India's top companies. They are masters in theit work like 2D animation, 3D animation, gaming, visual effects etc.

The Top Ten

1 Pentamedia Graphics
2 Maya Entertainment

Good keep it up.. - animatorxxx

€ Year of Establishment: 1996
• Location: headquarters in Mumbai, training centres in other places of Asia and the Middle East
• Most Acknowledged creations: works for brands like BBC, Google, Sony, and have worked in movies like The Mummy, Stuart Little and many more.
They have employee strength of around 400 They have revenue returns of around 1 billion per annum that makes them a big name in the animation industry - animatorxxx

3 Realcom Infocom Private Limited

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4 UTV Toonz
5 Heart Entertainment
6 Nipuna Services

Nipuna Services Ltd, a BPO subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services, has worked with companies of US, New Zealand, Germany etc.
• Headquarters: Chennai
• Most Acknowledged creations: working with Animal Planet channel of India and US and German companies; creating wonderful animation based models for theme parks of New Zealand. - animatorxxx

7 Padmalaya Telefilms

It is a subsidiary of the very popular Zee Telefilms. They have a big influence in the south-Asian market. Some of their notable works are 104 cartoon episodes and Mondo’s library for US. They also have experience of working with some of the popular British animation companies. - animatorxxx

8 Jadoo Works
9 Crest Communications
10 Silvertoon Studio
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