Top Ten Indian Beer Brands


The Top Ten

1 Kingfisher

One of the best in the world, not just India

Extremely good beer...
You can just drink drink drink and just drink...

Taste superb. Large selling in Asia and Europe.

It's a great taste and smooths

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2 Haywards 5000

One of India's largest selling beer brand.
This is the best beer brand in India.
Great taste and super strong. - harry721

Best beer in the world

Very good

3 Godfather

It's a hidden gem!

4 Tuborg Brewery

Really the best in India

From Denmark but famous all over world. Awesome

I always used to drink this

Good choice, nice taste as compare to other.

5 ThunderBolt
6 Carlsberg

Best beer available in India

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7 King Cobra

Very good beer. I live in Portugal

8 Royal Challenge
9 Kalyani Black Label
10 Rockberg

New rockberg is awesome I like it... - harry721

The Contenders

11 Corona
12 Kings
13 Bullet

Yes it hits you

14 Old Monk
15 Taj Mahal Indian Lager
16 Tiger
17 Knock Out

Knock out best beer

18 Hunter
19 Lion
20 Zingaro
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