Marg Software


This is the best software which can maintain the history of our purchased item even in later financial year
Suppose if we purchased some item in financial year 2007 and curry our other financial year in the same directory and in the financial year 2014 if we want to know the item history of item purchase in 2007 in 2014
It only possible in this awesome software named marg

Marg is a great accounting as well as inventory software

Marg software is the India's best software, it is having lot of futures like Chain management, Payroll, Data lock, Purchase import, sales export, Vat report, self defined print profile, Sales man followups with area route wise, SMS futures, online mobile order, Barcode printing, online backup etc. ,

It has more than 1500 customization for various type of business with Inventory and accounts.

It is very very easy to use and implementation, no need more computer knowledge as well as maintenance.

Simply best.

MARG provide high ratio of Customization and User flexibility which make software easy to operate, In right meaning it is not just a software it is solution of your all business problems. Switch to MARG "A Complete Global Business Solution"

Most Advanced Inventory Software with best Accounting

I have been Using Marg from 7 years. They have the best solutions for my business needs. The after sales support is great. With unlimited customizations help me to get the right thing at right place.

Busy & tally are very slow in speed, after july month when 8-10 thousnd bills generated its almost take 30 second to 1 minute to save bill on lan network. I found Marg software 8-10 times faster, It also get slow on lan when I generate more than 3 lakhs bill but maximum it will take 5-10 second for 500 item purchase bill at that time.

Marg is on of best solution for my Business who provide complete solution for my requirement in very economic price & its best services on your point is really impressive.

Marg is best ever software I seen. Fully flexible versatile software. Accurate result in billing and accounting. Easy to access and learn. Very quick we can understand the things in software. It is available for all kind inventory businesses we can run this software in very low hardware. It is fast billing software..

Marg Software is one of the best software which I came across among all inventory and accounting. There are number of features, flexibility to switch on the features, and most of the beast part is the back-end service. Awesome customer experience. Best of luck MARG

Marg is the best software any business man can use... Most user friendly and very very advanced... I don't think any other software can compare with marg... I want every business man should see the demo of Marg software atleats once. I am sure that after demo you will buy Marg. Marg is a best combination for Inventory and Accounting.

Best Software its very easy to use and its implementation is also quiet easier. anyone can use it without any proper knowledge of computer. due to 1500+ reports format its been easier to generate report within less time. I can recommend everybody just once use it, you will come to know by yourself

Best Customised software for all trade, customization available in all trades.

I was the user of busy Software but I was not happy because busy is for only simple inventory but after purchasing marg my business is smooth and I am happy with the software. thanks marg

MaRg is the complete solution for all type of traders.

This is the best Software for Inventory & Accounting Software " Simple to use, Easy to implement, Flexible to customized"...

I am a using marg software from 5 years, it is Most advanced inventory and accounting software, Advanced billing features, world class reports, maintain bulk data in it, getting full support from the call center.

I apperciate to Marg Company who is giving highly advanced software to its users in a great cost.

Marg Billing and Accounting software is very user friendly and featured software,not only in Indian Market but also in overseas space. The simplified steps to use it make it awesome and for using this software you don't need any specific training as its very easy to use so I like Marg software. It has a lot of useful features which makes the people work easy in the domain of Accounting and Billing.

Best accounting software @ very affordable price with excellent support

Marg is the best software, which is easy to use and understand and also have complete solutions for all trades..

Marg is the best software for my knowledge because last 12 years I am using diffrent software for my trade, but only for few reasons 1. Every software have unique features, but how it will reaches to every user without any professional training 2. There is no dependency

This is the best software in this industry, we are using this software it is very economical and best.

Marg Software is a trade specific Accounting & Inventory software, it is very easy to operate & Self Customized as per customers needs, the best part of this thing best service supports with in few minutes close the ticket which is raised by clients,

Tarkeyarav Singh

Marg software is one of its kind which can be customized as per all the business requirements. It is a software which is specialized for all kind of business trades.

"MARG" One of the Best and simple software, easy to operate, generate end number of reports.

Marg Sales & Distribution Management software is specially designed for the Companies who want to control or manage their C&F/C&A, Distributors, Stockist, Super-Stockists while Sitting at HO. It covers all major operations like Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Re-plenishment, Financial Accounting, MIS & VAT reports, Claims and Returns.