Top Ten Indian Bowlers In Cricket

The Top Ten Indian Bowlers In Cricket

1 Zaheer Khan Zaheer Khan is an Indian former cricketer who played all forms of the game for the Indian national team from 2000 till 2014.


Because he have ability to swing the bowl in both ways.
He is one of the best bowler in the world

Best bowler of india

Zaheer Khan is very good bowler in cricket history. Very talented and very stylish action are his bowling. Decision make is very good.

2 Bhuvaneshwar Kumar

He is young, technique in bowling, smart, good future for India

Bhuvaneshwar kumar is the best

This is a good player of india because he also do impossible win match

No words 2 explain! Just awessome!

3 Anil Kumble


He should be first. He is third best bowler in the world. But if anyone saw the records he has taken most wickets for India

He is a really good spinner no doubt that he is far better than any other bowler in India he has a good economy rate and always is there for the team he can also bat. He knows which ball to bowl when and has a variety of balls


He took 10/74 in a match against pakistan and only the 2nd bowler to take 10 wickets in an innings

He should be first. He is third best bowler in the world. But if anyone saw the records he has taken most wickets for India

4 Kapil Dev

He is person who is a best all rounder of INDIA team

He was an brilliant all-rounder and is the best

Kapil kapil kapil not name but thunder proud of India and not only best Indian bowler but best all rounder and batsman and good fielder he won world cup also

Fantastic bowler especially in his day. Not a bad batter either.

5 Ravindra Jadeja

He is one of the most efficient bowlers in the world!

Ravindra jadeja is very very super spin bowler in world

He is very accurate bowler

He is a excellent all rounder I am a big fan of you

6 Harbhajan Singh

One of the best spinner all time

All time great spinner of the ball.

U ana your daughter is best

HE is best ever in india his ball is so tougher to tackle

7 Ravichandran Ashwin

He is an carrom bowler who puts the trickly to the stumps

The spin and bounce he generates is incredible. He can also bowl with the new ball. He also has the carrom ball wchich outsmarts the batsman. Overall he is one of the best bowlers India has ever produced!

Best spinner in the world currently. Breaking records like a joke!

Very good spins by Ashwin.
I say he is number.2

8 Mohammed Shami

I love Mohammed Shami and Shami has become the ideal of all Indian bolwres

New India ikon best bowler India

Shami is the best bowler

Accurate and potent fast bowler with upright seam and ability to swing both ways.

9 Jasprit Bumrah

Best bowler in death overs
He is very very stylish player
He is the number one bowler in the world

Very unique way of bowling, that is what makes him the best bowler of India.

He keep trying his tricks to get a wicket and he is the best medium fast bowler of India

Best death bowler in the world

10 Umesh Yadav

He is the best fast bowler. He is RCB'S only star fast bowler and RCB 20% since he joined wins are because of him

He has greAt future if he bowls with a pace of 145kmphr and talk to coaches about line and length.

He is a good Bowler and has ability to bowl over 140kph.

He is good swing bowler

The Contenders

11 Sreesanth

Sreesanth is the fantastic bowler of all time and also fastest bowler

He is the best bowler in Indian cricket. Please come back

Please come back in Indian cricket team

One of the finest fast bowler in dhoni era. Good to watch swinging ability of the ball. He deserves a come back.

12 Irfan Pathan

His a good bowler and used to be one of the best and should be in the team

Please. come back in India team once again

A flawed genius, master of swing and champion all rounder, penultimate after Kapil Dev. What a shame that Dhoni robbed India of such a powerhouse multi utility talented workhorse.

He should return. He has never announced his retirement. He is very hard-working, very kind, humble, respectful and respected.

13 Javagal Sreenath

No doubt, in today's generation, there are plenty of bowlers who are doing good, Even better than Sreenath, But during 90's, it was sreenath who lead the seam attack for India..No doubt, he was one of the finest bowler, that India has produced!

He was a wicket taking bowler. Most of the times he gave a breakthrough in the early overs.

When we look over time, we tend to get biased by the recent past. But if we refresh our memory and look at the context in which he performed there is no doubt he is one of Indias best bowlers ever

Best fast bowler after Wasim Akram and Glenn McGrath

14 Ishant Sharma

He is only the fast bowler and match turner man

Totally he is an worst bowler

Very talented and experienced.He is india's number 1 test bowler right now.He uses the angle very well and confuses the batsman.He troubled the english and australian batsmen very much in the past series versus england and australia.

India no1 bowler

15 Mohit Sharma

He is my best baller in fast bolling

He is very kasam

He his one of best bowler in world

He is a good death bowler

16 Mahendra Singh Dhoni Mahendra Singh Dhoni, commonly known as MS Dhoni, is an Indian international cricketer who captained the Indian national cricket team.

He does not ball dummy I bet you will put on Virat Rohit and Rishab

You are my best player and an excellent captain and keeper.

Good but not excellent

Best ever batsmen captain and keeper of the world cricket and india team..

17 Ajit Agarkar

The best fast bowler India had ever. And of course very unfortunate to have people like Dravid, Kumble, Ganguly, Shrinath and V. Prasad on field to spoil his economy rate when he used to bowl...

Talented yet underrated player!

Best against AUS

Underrated player!

18 Yuvraj Singh

Best love you

My best cricketer

Amazing bowler in the India cricket

Yuvi is great

19 Yuzvendra Chahal

My favorite bowler

Best bowler

My favourite

Best bowler

20 Hardik Pandya

Best batting and bowling all-rounder in the world

I'm one only impressed him profile in cricket

He is the best bowler

He is the best player and he is now form in batting and bowling..

21 Amit Mishra

One of the great leg spinner that India have

He is a good spinner and if he get enough chance so he will do well

He is a very good leg spinner

He is good bowler then aswin and jadeja

22 Virat Kohli

He is good all rounder

He is a best batsman because he makes most centurys for India

Best batsman

Great player,with humongous talent.

23 Venkatesh Prasad

Its Remind me pakistan Vs Indai Match, how knocked out pakisatani batsmen with his own attitude.

He is one of the best bowler

Remember world cup semifinal 1996 with pak
Prasad amazing bowling..

He is best for for is fight aganist Pakistan batsmen

24 Munaf Patel

One of the best bowler in the India

Best bowling

He is the one of the best bowler who have very good line of length.who can keep batsman in the difficulty.

25 Ashish Nehra

I love you nehra

Ashish Is one of the best bowler in the world

Always Ashish Nehra Rocks - Adron

Danger Man

26 Lakshmipathy Balaji

Yes he also good bowler. But the problem is injury. Bad luck to his carrier

27 Sachin Tendulkar Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is a former Indian cricketer and captain, widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time.


Master Blaster

He balls 152 kilometers

28 Kuldeep Yadav

He is the best

How can be Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma better than Kuldeep Yadav

The bowler taking wickets in pressure situations for india.

He is best boller
He is best but not like Ychahal

29 R. P. Singh

Lots of wicket taking ability... Swing king...

One of India's best bowler till he played international cricket.

Deserves more chances. His swing rules

Nice bowler best

30 Piyush Chawla
31 Rohit Sharma Rohit Gurunath Sharma is an Indian international cricketer who plays for Mumbai in domestic cricket and captains Mumbai Indians.

Best bowler

Best batsman world cricket know great hit man in world cricket l like rohit sharma batting.

Ek number batsman

Best individual high score in odi

32 Deepak Chahar

Short Time Improve Bowler

A very good bowler.He can swing in both ways

Very talented guy

Swing master deepak chahar 😍❤💥

33 Suresh Raina

Best captain bolar and batsman

He is best bowler and batsman

The greatest fielder, batsman and all-rounder in the world.


34 Sunil Joshi


35 Pragyan Ojha

Very good bowler,very fire bowler

I would say that he has a smart spin!

36 Praveen Kumar

Best swing bowler as he has taken wicket of one of the finest bats man adam gilchrist more than two times I wish he will come to Indian team with pace more than 125 kmphr.

This is best bowler for indian team

He's a very good bowler

37 Shikhar Dhawan

Amazing we want you forever

38 Varun Aaron

He is unlucky,he improved accuracy

Good fast bolwerwa.

He is fastest among all Indian fast bowler of current generation.

Present fast bowler from India

39 Stuart Binny

Good bowler but less impressive

40 Virender Sehwag Virender Sehwag is an Indian cricketer whose aggressive batting has found success at the top of the batting order.

Partnership breaker bolwer.

Not a professional bowler. but he is a crucial partnership breaking bowler and one of the best opening batsmen. Big shot player. Hit sixes and boundaries even in the very first ball of the match. Super skilled and very very dangerous hitter. His is the role model for openers. Not only for indian crickets also for all other teams. Best of the best...

41 Axar Patel

He is very good spinner
He batting is good

42 Parvez Rasool

Hero of Indian team

Rising star of India and jk
Best allorounder rank 3
Misery offfspin ant bats

43 Vinay Kumar

Miss u vinay... Love you...

He is the all new rising star of India!

44 Javagal Srinath

Fastest bowler in India.

All time best bowler

Very talented bowler and Indias pride.

45 Abhishek Yadav

Can play with me.

Never deserves this post.

He is the worlds best all rounder...

46 Bishan Singh Bedi

Should definitely be in the top 10 with the other three bowlers like him.

One of the Greatest left arm spinner ever seen

Pinpoint accuracy and master of guile. Greatest Indian southpaw tweaker.

Great spinner.Bhajji and you are Indians best spinners

47 Aman Singh
48 Chetashwar Pujara

2nd best test batsman in india

Best test batsman after dravid I want his to play very fine I feel good if he play weel.

49 Maneesh Meena Tulsef
50 Manoj Prabhakar

Very good in swing bowler

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