Top Ten Indian Comics Companies

Top 10 Indian Comic Companies, overall ranking list with no conditions like number of issues, characters, year founded etc.

The Top Ten

1 Raj Comics



Best in the world

The best in the business. Great story and artwork 👌

2 Amar Chitra Katha

Its itself is the voice of Golden India, Eternal India, speaks the heart, intelligence and flows like a very pleasant essence - it's a feeling.

I am writer, I have write a comedy story
I want to you printing books your company.

I am writer, I have write a comedy story

I want to you printing books your company

My favorite is tinkle

3 Indrajal Comics
4 Manoj Comics

One of the top Comic Book Publisher 1980-2004. - Trendster

5 Campfire Graphic Novels (Kalyani Navyug Media)

Specializes in biographies, historical fiction, educational comic books and graphic novels. (2010) - Trendster

6 Diamond Comics

Largest distribution network in India. - Trendster

Really nice & awesome

7 Tulsi Comics

Popular publication in 90s. - Trendster

8 World Comics India (Grassroots Comics)

Social awareness movement through comics started in late 1990s and registered in 2006. - Trendster

9 Level 10 Comics

Vo Nguyen Giap - Viet Nam

10 Tinkle

I love it anyways!

Best comic ever

Tinkle is one of the comics started by AMAR CHITRA KATHA

The Contenders

11 Holy Cow Entertainment

Youngest & popular publishing house because of comic (stand alone) & comic series on variety of genres. - Trendster

12 Fenil Comics

Fenil comics has biggest comic universe

13 Vimanika Comics
14 Meta Desi Comics
15 TBS Planet Comics

Indian Comics Studio. Home of Superheroes - Ved, Varun, Karma, Yug etc. Official Comics partners for Bollywood Movies like Shivaay and A Flying Jatt.

16 Graphic India
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