Top Ten Indian Comics Companies

Top 10 Indian Comic Companies, overall ranking list with no conditions like number of issues, characters, year founded etc.

The Top Ten

1 Raj Comics

Undoubtedly RAJ Comics rules the India swiping 80% of the market. Rest of them compete for remaining 20% spot. Giant big daddy of all!

There is no doubt. Raj Comics is the best among its competitors.

East or West...Raj Comics is the BEST


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2 Amar Chitra Katha

I am writer, I have write a comedy story
I want to you printing books your company.

I am writer, I have write a comedy story

I want to you printing books your company

My favorite is tinkle

This company has participated in New York comic con in 2013, only Indian company to do so (along with campfire). And all the comics were sold out, even in America, that means USA people love ACK.

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3 Indrajal Comics
4 Manoj Comics

One of the top Comic Book Publisher 1980-2004. - Trendster

5 Diamond Comics

Largest distribution network in India. - Trendster

Really nice & awesome

6 Campfire Graphic Novels (Kalyani Navyug Media)

Specializes in biographies, historical fiction, educational comic books and graphic novels. (2010) - Trendster

7 Tulsi Comics

Popular publication in 90s. - Trendster

8 World Comics India (Grassroots Comics)

Social awareness movement through comics started in late 1990s and registered in 2006. - Trendster

9 Level 10 Comics

Vo Nguyen Giap - Viet Nam

10 Tinkle

I love it anyways!

Best comic ever

Tinkle is one of the comics started by AMAR CHITRA KATHA

The Contenders

11 Holy Cow Entertainment

Youngest & popular publishing house because of comic (stand alone) & comic series on variety of genres. - Trendster

12 Fenil Comics

Fenil comics has biggest comic universe

13 Vimanika Comics
14 Meta Desi Comics
15 TBS Planet Comics

Indian Comics Studio. Home of Superheroes - Ved, Varun, Karma, Yug etc. Official Comics partners for Bollywood Movies like Shivaay and A Flying Jatt.

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