Best Indian Cricket Fielders


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1 Suresh Raina

He's good batsman and fielder. No one can field like him in India ans he's good in catching too.

Raina is flexible and is good as a fielder

No doubt he is terrific fielder

The best batsman and fielder

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2 Ravindra Jadeja

I Love this man This a great man for Indian like the run - out against South Africa in the Champion trophy

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3 Virat Kohli

He is the great player of his age with many records

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4 Dinesh Karthik V 1 Comment
5 Mohammad Kaif

Kaif is best all time indian fielder

World greatest fielder

He is good

6 Rohit Sharma

He was simply surperb the way he fields was awesome! He is the person who has a lot of concentration on the field for every second I LOVE... you "ro" I am a telugu girl can you marry me even I will nice and my friends call me as heroine thank you

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7 Yuvraj Singh V 3 Comments
8 Robin Uthappa

He is a best wicket keeper

9 Ajinkya Rahane

Great Fielder! Good stump hitter too

10 Mahendra Singh Dhoni V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Shikhar Dhawan
12 Bhuvneshwar Kumar
13 Vinay Kumar
14 Sachin Tendulker

An extra ordinary catch of inzamam ulhaque caught by tendulker make him as best fielder

15 Virender Sehwag
16 Naman Ojha
17 Andre Russell V 1 Comment
18 Manoj Tiwary
19 Ian Botham Ian Botham Sir Ian Terence Botham is a former England Test cricketer and Test team captain, and current cricket commentator. V 1 Comment
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1. Suresh Raina
2. Mohammad Kaif
3. Dinesh Karthik
1. Suresh Raina
2. Ravindra Jadeja
3. Virat Kohli



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