Top Ten Best Indian Cricket Teams


The Top Ten

1 Chennai Super Kings (IPL)

The best team because of the players and management. YELLOVE!

Pure entertainment

Dhoni is the God of cricket


2 Mumbai Indians (IPL)

Don't tell me Chennai is first because of Dhoni. Mumbai is BETTER THAN CHENNAI

Best team in the history I like rohit sharma

Rohit is not best.

Mumbai is the best.

3 Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL)

East or west kkr is best

Kolkata knight riders is a best

Old Is Gold like Wasim AKram, Gautam Himself, powerful hitter Yusuf Pathan And Afcous
Jacques Kallis their mentor. Best of Luck KKR Hope you Will be champion in 2016


4 Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL)

Don't tell that RCB didn't win a cup at least once as it won many hearts in it's game

RCB is the best. Specially Virat Kohli and all team members. not the CSK is the best team. they are cheater.


RCB is the best not because of team but a fair game play it is better than csk.csk are cheaters

5 Rajasthan Royals (IPL)

A good team

6 Kings XI Punjab (IPL)

Great Team with big potential.

Killer miller and mad maxwel

Johnson a bowler
Maxwell and Miller are batsmen
Bailey is captain
Saha is keeper
Vohra and vijay is opener
Adar is spinner

7 Sunrisers Hyderabad (IPL)

The players are very good at batting

Best cricket team in the Ipl history. I like David Warner, Kane Williamson, bhuvi, shikhar, rashid

Sunrisers is the best team ever

Even though it's the transformation of the decked chargers the still, win some matches in the ipl. SO IT HAD TO BE. 4 at least

8 Chennai Superstars (ICL)


9 Delhi Daredevils (IPL)

Because now uv in dd

When yuvraaj, shreyas iyyer, jp duminy are on the ground then spectators become fielders and fielders become spectators

10 Mumbai Cricket Team (Ranji Trophy)

The Contenders

11 Kochi Tuskers Kerala (IPL)
12 Hyderabad Deccan Chargers (IPL)

Such a great team. It also won ipl 2009 but still was defunct by BCCI. Shame on BCCI to defunct such a great team. For me it was the best team, is the best team and will be the best team forever.

13 Tamil Nadu Cricket Team (Ranji Trophy)
14 Karnataka Cricket Team (Ranji Trophy)
15 Mumbai Champs (ICL)
16 Shiva Strikers (under 18 Hyderabad)

Best team in under 18

17 Pune Warriors India (IPL)
18 LYCA Kovai Kings (TNPL)
19 Gujarat Lions (Ipl)

Best ever

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1. Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL)
2. Chennai Super Kings (IPL)
3. Sunrisers Hyderabad (IPL)
1. Chennai Super Kings (IPL)
2. Mumbai Indians (IPL)
3. Kolkata Knight Riders (IPL)
1. Rajasthan Royals (IPL)
2. Chennai Super Kings (IPL)
3. Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL)


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